A Factory Working, College Grad Getting Out of Debt

A Raindrop – Overtime

Yay, Money!  I have been getting a lot of overtime lately, and my paycheck is giving me lots of gifts for it.  Even though it seems that every week I’m going into overtime for some random thing or another, I have found that I can’t rely on this all the time.  It’s great extra few bucks every week, and I try to make sure that it’s accounted for in my budget sheet because of that.

The only negative side to this is that I’m putting in a lot more hours that I don’t necessarily think is required, but when the boss offers the OT, I try to jump on it.  Of course… that’s if I have slept more than five hours when she calls my cell in the morning after a second shift and wired-filled night on the computer and reading.

Very short post, but I need to address this:

Facebook has recently only been allowing 10-15% of one’s friends and viewers to be able to see posts in their feeds.   They now want to make money this way by having people pay to promote.  So here is a simple request:  Please subscribe by email or RSS feed to this blog.  Follow me on Twitter.    Because I can probably guarantee that you may not be seeing my Monday and Friday posts on Facebook about the updates to Rainy Day.  Also, please share or like that post!  It gets better chances of being seen that way.

Thank you my readers!  I really appreciate and love seeing the traffic that this blog generates on a daily basis (5-10 and 15-25 on update days).  Let’s try and make it more!

Count those raindrops!



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