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Rainy Day Goal #2 – Surgery Prep

I’m going to apologize for the quick posts that will appear this week.  I have a lot of things to do outside of my blog because of a few things you will soon learn.  Thanks for showing up and reading them even so!  I love seeing the reader stats knowing that there are others out there that may be learning or feeling the same hardships that I am currently.  A comment goes a long way too!  They have all been putting a smile on my face, and I hope to become more personal on acknowledging you all this week (hopefully).

My mother is having knee surgery on Wednesday and will be out for six weeks from work because of it.  As a result, she and the rest of us have been working diligently to try and get things in order before she has it in order to make everyone’s lives easier during this holiday season.  Furniture is being moved, rooms are being cleaned, etc…

So the goal is to get as much of this done as possible before Wednesday and make it easier for my mother to get around/appreciate her surroundings without worrying about household chores (that she shouldn’t obviously be doing because of the strain it will put on her knee) in the meantime.


Again, I know it’s short, but I have a few extra projects I have in mind that I will let you know about during this surgery prep.  The goal is to have a couple of cabinets that have been in the garage for years to be sanded and painted this week as well as the Christmas tree up and decorated.  I’ll have more lengthy goal posts for those (plus pictures), so be prepared!

Count those Raindrops!



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