A Factory Working, College Grad Getting Out of Debt

Goals for December 2012

Well December is here as we all know.  As of today there are only 18 days til Christmas!  That usually means that people are scrambling to get things done and gifts bought for loved ones.  I, however, have other things on my mind.  Because this month gets a little hectic in my world, I feel I need to put down my goals in writing ahead of time just to make sure that I don’t forget something along the way.


Money Goals

  • Find a few ways for this Rainy Day blog to make some funds, however small it may be…
  • Sell unneeded items on ebay and amazon to make extra $.
  • To make enough money this month to pay either my car payment ($301), my auto insurance ($336), or both.
  • To make enough money to pay all my bills without hurting my savings account too much.
  • To find a job.

Rainy Day Goals

  • To finish the cabinet revival.
  • Finish the Christmas tree.
  • Help my mother organize/clean the home.
  • Find alternative means for gifts for those on my gift list.
  • Get rid of unneeded items that can either not be sold or donated.
  • To continue organizing my room for optimal business format/personal use.

Personal Goals

  • Continue the MWF posts for Rainy Day.
  • Add artwork to various art sites and sell my artwork online.
  • Continue my art blog.
  • Refine my gamer blog/podcast and restart it.


Well, that should be enough right?  Let’s see if I can attain these or not.  The particularly interesting ones are going to be the money goals.

Count those raindrops!



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