A Factory Working, College Grad Getting Out of Debt

December – My Month of Crazy

As you can gather from my bill breakdown that I posted, my month of December is pretty hectic.  Car payment, auto insurance, other bills… oh my!  But then you add in my birthday, friends’ birthdays, an anniversary, Christmas, a wedding anniversary, a wedding ceremony… That equals crazy.  Needless to say it just means I have be on top of it even more so.

Since the income isn’t really coming in right now, it’s also time for me to be creative.  Time to see what I can do for gifts that are more of the frugal side.  It’s also time to see what I can do to get some income right now so that the savings/emergency fund doesn’t run dry too quickly and if I have to extend this as I look for a job for longer than anticipated.

I already have a few ideas, but because I have a few readers who will be recipients of said gifts, I’ll keep them on the down low for now.  However, do you have any suggestions?  I’m really wanting to stretch my dollars as far as possible this Christmas season and at least still do something for those I love.


Count those raindrops!



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