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101 Things in 1001 Days

Happy New Year everybody!  In truth, in the past my year didn’t seem to really start anew until about August (I blame it on the restart of the school year), but this is the first time in twenty years where the New Year really means… a new year.  The year past has been a whirlwind of changes — student taught, graduated college with two bachelors degrees, experienced a company merger, hunkered down and started eliminating my debt, started my Rainy Day Savin’ blog, survived the merger only to quit in November, won unemployment, restarted Gamer Talk, rekindled friendships…. just to name some of the major incidents anyway.  With all of those events happening to me last year, I can only see even better things to come in 2013.  I honestly can’t wait! 🙂

Instead of making new year resolutions, I have decided to jump on the 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days bandwagon. If you’re not familiar with this phenomenon, check out Day Zero Project; the originators of the really neat idea.  It started yesterday officially, so this is a day late, (despite me starting it yesterday too) but I like the MWF schedule and wanted to give you a bit of a break from all the resolution/goal posts out there. This is also not to say that I will not have my monthly goals, but rather I have a more long term goal list that I can look forward to and strive in making myself better. Throughout the day of brainstorming, I’ve gathered a random collection of things I want to experience and/or achieve in the next three-ish years (do the math.. we’re off by 94 days for a complete tri-year segment) and will be marking them off the list as I achieve them. I do better with concrete goals than abstract ideals and resolutions anyway, so maybe some things will start getting crossed off soon!

So without further ado (and rambling), I present to you all, the list:

Artistic License:

1. Write a graphic novel script.
2. Draw that graphic novel.
3. Be accepted to draw Artist Proofs and sketch cards for 1 company.
4. Create an all ages webcomic/graphic novel.
5. Be accepted as part of artist alley for 3 conventions and attend them (0/3).
6. Become more effective on Adobe Photoshop and Autodesk Sketchbook Pro (0/2).

Blogging it Out:

7. Blog on Rainy Day at least once a week (1/143).
8. Blog on Gamer Talk at least once a week (0/143).
9. Create a weekly podcast on Gamer Talk (0/143).
10. Create a blogging schedule for Rainy Day & Gamer Talk blogs and stick to them (0/2).
11. Create a podcast schedule for Gamer Talk and stick to it.
12. Change to a dot-com address.
13. Commit to making $1000 through Rainy Day and Gamer Talk each (0/$2000).
14. Create logos for Rainy Day and Gamer Talk (0/2).
15.  Acquire 25 followers.
16. Acquire 50 followers.
17. Find/Redesign Rainy Day Savin’ layout.

Career Motivated:

18. Acquire an active/full-time substituting position.
19. Update my resume.
20. Acquire a secondary teaching position (even if it’s a maternity leave).
21. Acquire a post-secondary teaching position.
22. Build a portfolio of my art work.
23. Build a sustainable network of friends and colleagues.
24. Apply for jobs that will better myself and my future, not out of desperation.

Education, Schmeducation:

25. Obtain a Psychology additive to my teaching license.
26. Take the GRE.
27. Research grants and archeological etiquette.
28. Apply for grants.
29. Apply to colleges for the master’s program.
30. Start my master’s career.


31. Ride my exercise bike every other day (1/501).
32. Be able to do 25 (normal) pushups in a row.
33. Be able to do 50 (normal) pushups in a row.
34. Be able to do 50 crunches in a row.
35. Be able to do 100 crunches in a row.
36. Rock a bikini… anywhere.
37. Run a 5k.
38. Take a kickboxing class.
39. Take a Zumba class.

Personal Nerdy Appearance:

40. Get new glasses/contacts.
41. Wear contacts at least twice a week.
42. Invest in comfy/stylish footwear that can handle multiple situations.
43. Whiten teeth.
44. Invest in minimal items/accessories that can rock/change an outfit.
45. Rock 15 designer inspired outfits out of what I already have (0/15).
46. Buy a LBD that can work multiple scenarios.

Food YUM:

47. Try 30 new foods/drinks (0/30).
48. Eat at ten new restaurants (0/10).
49. Learn 15 new recipes (0/15).
50. Adopt 3 recipes into the food rotation (0/3).
51. Drink 20 oz. of water a day (1/1001).
52. Learn how to make my own Arnold Palmer’s Half & Half Pink Lemonade/Tea. (Post to come!)

For the Fun of IT:

53. Watch 30 movies I’ve never seen each year (1/90).  (Men in Black 3)
54. Treat my mom for a day instead of the other way around.
55. Complete a 1,000 piece puzzle.
56. Complete a 5,000 piece puzzle.
57. Truly watch a sunrise.
58. Truly watch a sunset.
59. Go stargazing.
60. Be able to identify planets in the night sky.
61. Watch each meteor shower with a friend or loved one (0/7).
62. Go fruit picking.
63. Go to a vineyard wine tasting.
64. Visit three museums (0/3).
65. Attend a concert.
66. Go to Vegas.
67. Create five DIYs from Pinterest or some other site (0/5).
68. Go to 4 Philharmonic concerts (0/4).
69. See a play.
70. Complete a crossword puzzle book (without looking up the answers).
71. Dress up for Halloween.
72. Read & Watch the LotR series.
73. Have Star Wars and Harry Potter marathons without breaks (0/2).



74. Buy a new scanner.
75. Grow a vegetable garden.
76. Buy a world map to pin places I want to go/have gone.
77. Decorate for Halloween/Christmas (0/4).
78. Update my computer.


79. Organize my geek collection (donate/sell what I don’t want).
80. Organize my DVD/Blu-ray collection.
81. Organize and purge my closet (donate/sell unwanted items).
82. Organize my art supplies.
83. Clean out old computer files.
84. Back up my computer.
85. Organize my shipping supplies.
86. Organize inventory/sales on excel or some said spreadsheet.
87. Organize books (donate/sell the ones I don’t want).

Personal Growth:

88. Learn to sew/knit/crochet (0/3).
89. Read 100 books I’ve never read before (0/100).
90. Volunteer for a worthy cause.
91. Donate hair to Locks of Love (again) and try to give blood again.
92. Get out of credit card debt & pay off half my student loans (0/2).
93. Save a $5,000 emergency fund.

Travel the World:

94. Go to Boston, Baltimore, Houston, and New Albuquerque (0/4). 
95. Take a road trip to a place I’ve never been.
96. Ride on a train.
97. Visit a famous landmark I’ve never seen.
98. Use my passport once before it expires.

Related to List:

99. Print and post this list somewhere so I’ll remember to do it!
100. Save $5 for each completed task ($10/$505).
101. Make another list and post on the 1001st day.

Wow, that was a lot of typing!  And to think I got this done all in one day! Craaaazy!  The 1001 days will be over on September 13, 2015 so I guess I have my New Year’s Resolutions taken care of for the next three New Years. For the Win.


Count those Raindrops!



4 responses

  1. Carla

    I love your list of dishes & wishes!!!..I’ll be cheering for you today From Ocho Rios. Jamaica !!!..I believe you have a solid foundation to start this journey!!!..hugs, peace & sunshine!!!

    Sent from Ms. Carla O.’s iPhone

    January 2, 2013 at 8:31 am

    • Thank you Carla! Hopefully you’re having a balmy holiday! Many hugs and thoughts from the wintery midwest too!

      January 2, 2013 at 12:36 pm

  2. hownottokillyourparents

    I have nominated you for a few blog awards. You can check the details here: http://hownottokillyourparents.wordpress.com/2013/01/02/more-awards-really/

    January 2, 2013 at 10:00 am

    • I’m honored! Thank you 🙂

      January 2, 2013 at 9:17 pm

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