A Factory Working, College Grad Getting Out of Debt

The D’s that Keep You Broke & How to Beat Them

Every month I’ll share a few little things that can cause you lose to money and some possible solutions that can be implemented to avoid them.  Here’s the fourth installment of the series! Again, as I said before, my disclaimer on this little series will have both educational benefit and comedic relief.  Some of the items I choose will honestly be all in good fun.

Dogs – These beasts have a way of getting not into your heart, but into your sock drawer as well.  In my case, underwear drawer. I currently have a dog that is so obsessed with that area of a person’s anatomy, that she will eat it if she gets the chance.  Believe me, I just lost two pairs of jeans somehow because of that little houdini dog, and man was I livid. Crazy enough, she only becomes obsessed with the clothing.. not the body part.  Anyway, dogs aren’t just fun to have, they’re expensive.  All of those items you just bought: food, toys, cage, leash, collar = $$$ And that’s not even including the cost of the dog, be it you bought it in a pet store or adopted it from the humane society.  My biggest advice on this is to know your limits. If you can’t commit to making sure that the dog isn’t going chew your favorite pair of sneakers, well you might not be ready for a dog. Try a plant first.  If you can keep that alive for six months, you’re on the right track to keeping something more… adorable alive.

Debt – This sucker is what a lot of us suffer from on a daily basis.  I wish there was a control button at a computer server warehouse that just made everyone’s debt go away.  That would be fantastic wouldn’t it?  I mean seriously, debt is not only a financial burden, but it has that sneaky way of causing emotional, mental, and sometimes even physical problems too!  Advice on the matter?  Well… try and chip it away a little at a time.  If you’re swimming in it, like truly drowning, consider bankruptcy. This isn’t a quick fix however, and the idea shouldn’t be taken lightly.  It will cost money, and it is a HUGE decision, as it affects your credit for years to come. And please… don’t be one of those people who file for bankruptcy three times in a matter of a decade just because it’s the “easy way out.”

Deer – It’s that time of year!  Who am I kidding, it’s always that time of year around here where I live.  Deer are abundant and they make a whooole lot of damage to that beautiful car or truck that you might just have purchased. Shame of it all, I think they’re quite graceful looking creatures, but even I find it infuriating when one of these guys are on the road, in front of me, while it’s snowing, sleeting and a big ol’ mac semi-truck is behind me and another is coming at me from the opposite lane.  Oh.. that doesn’t happen to you?  It hasn’t to me either… knock on wood.

Drugs – Let’s say this is one a double-edge sword.  Not only do you have the addictive habit of illegal drugs (perhaps even legal), but you also have those drugs that are considered maintenance drugs.  You might know them.. they’re the ones that our parents/grandparents take in order to survive the day.  A biggie is blood pressure.  These little suckers just won’t go away, and I wish they would.  I wish we weren’t in a society that needed a pill to fix things.  Actually, you know what.. why not?  Surely the side-effects (INCLUDING DEATH) couldn’t be ALL that BAD?!  Am I right?   As for the advice… the only consistent thing that I’ve heard doctors say is to get in shape.  Whether you have diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol… whatever.  Start eating healthier and get some exercise in every week!

Death – Grim Reaper is a greedy little bugger.  Not only does he want to take you away, but he makes sure it costs a pretty penny too.  Funerals and memorial services are downright expensive.. like down payment on a house expensive.  This type of expense is usually seen being put upon the children the of the recently deceased.  Not only that, but then there is also the unpaid debts or medical bills that the person may have that are now the descendants’ responsibility too.  I’m telling yah.. it sucks to be a kid.  A Toys R Us kid.  My advice for this one is simple: try to have as many of these expenses taken care of ahead of schedule.  There is nothing wrong with having your affairs in order.  If you have a specific way that you want your service to be done, then make it so.  If you want cremation instead of a big ol’ box, then make sure that’s known.  But don’t be greedy and make your children pay for it if at all possible.  Try and relieve them of the burden.  Seriously, they’re already mourning and going through enough.

Oh, and since it’s the letter D this month.. perhaps you all could assist me.  I am taking donations to eliminate my debt for this one second only.  Feel free to send the check in the mail!  No… really 😉

Actually, I’m joking.

Count those Raindrops!



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