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Simple Ways to Save on the Gas Bill

I don’t know about you, but where I’m at.. it’s been really cold lately.  With the windshield I think the coldest it’s been is about -15 degrees?  Kind of bitter honestly, but I’m a little happy that I don’t have to go out all the time at the moment.  In fact, it’s been so cold that one night our furnace couldn’t take it and ended up shutting down in the morning.  Thankfully those in my house were awake to notice and were able to get it back on, but we still called our favorite HVAC repairman and had him come out to do an inspection.  A part had decided to die, and we had it replaced.

Since it’s been so cold, I can only imagine what the gas bill is like right now.  Still, my mother is very energy conscious and tries to encourage the rest of us to conserve.  I’ve read some articles out there over the years on suggestions that you could do in order to save on the bills, but some of the ideas are not within my household’s pay range, let alone practical.  I figured I would make my own, and share with you what we do in order to save a few dollars every month on specific bills.  Here’s a few simple ways that we use to save on the gas bill.

  • Knock your thermostat down a few degrees – We lowered ours to 68 degrees, and although that may seem like much (a mere four in comparison to the normal 72), it actually gives our heater a bit of a break.
  • Wear more layers, enjoy your blankets.
  • Humidifier –  Adding some humidity into the home helps the heat “stick” so to speak.  Whether you boil a pot of water (our old means of humidifying) or invest in an actual appliance, that’s up to you.  Personally it also helps with the prevention of nose bleeds that can be common on bitter winter days.
  • Invest in an electric heater – Just on the more bitter, windy winter days that we’ve had, and our furnace feels it’s working too hard, we’ve placed a few electric heaters around the house.  They are never on all the time, but instead only when people are home and actually using the room.  Since bedtime means blankets and there are always a huge abundance of blankets in our house, the electric heaters are turned off before bed for conservation and safety purposes.
  • Budget your gas bill breakdown – Most utility suppliers will now allow you to budget your bills.  If you find that you end up having a very hefty bill in the winter months for either electricity, gas, or even water, utility companies are more than happy to allow you to spread the balance over.  We have a set payment all year roun so that one part of the year doesn’t tighten the purse strings too tight in comparison to another part of the year.  And don’t worry, if you actually don’t use that entire amount after the year, they give it back to you as credit, because we all know, one year might have a mild winter, whereas the next might be blizzard material.

Of course not all of these might be suitable to your needs, what I found most upsetting about other articles much in this style is that they always seem to suggest that you have to do everything in the list in order to get anywhere on saving.  Any one of these or a combination will most definitely help you, because I can verify the fact that we’ve used them in my own home.

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