A Factory Working, College Grad Getting Out of Debt

UPDATE: Date Night – The Finances

Last Friday I told you all about the Date Night my guy and I were going to have as a belated Valentine’s day bash.  And man, was it fun!  I really enjoyed it.  I really did.  The movie was meh, but a heavy dose of action is great, I just wish I could have some plot with it too.  Both my guy and I were wanting just a little bit more, but that’s a movie review, and I’m here to talk about money.

Starting off, we went to our local comic book store and I purchased my monthly allowance (that I’ve allowed myself to budget each month on my limited income).  The total was under $30.  My guy also bought his current subscription for $4 and some change.  Afterwards we went to the new bakery, Pepperwhistle and completely enjoyed it.  The Drunken Monkey Bread was wonderful and was only a little over $4 to enjoy.

Running around some more, we did a few extra errands and finally headed to Red Lobster.  There we enjoyed the Ultimate Feast platter with an additional 1/2 pound of snow crab legs, substituted the garden salad for an additional serving of broccoli, and a plate of shrimp nachos.  We used both of our $25 gift cards that we had received for Christmas and enjoyed the meal for $51 (with tip).

Then it was time for the movie.  Since we absolutely full on seafood, we didn’t need to worry about snacks.  Again, this was paid with gift cards and ended up being $18 for two tickets for the new Die Hard film.  After, we went to the place where we had our first date, and enjoyed the cheesecake.  Two slices with tax ended up being $11.70, after a $1 tip.  At little pricey, but it is darn good cheesecake, and my guy and I really enjoyed furthering the downtown shops tonight.


Totals for the night:

  • Comic books (his and mine) = $31.90
  • Drunken Monkey Break = $4.23
  • Red Lobster Seafood = $51
  • 2 Movie Tickets = $18
  • Cheesecake = $10.70

This night would have cost us $115.83 any other night.  However, with our gift cards, we saved $69.  Goodness knows we never really go out on the town like this, but it was a night to celebrate the first time in two months that I had gone to town, Valentine’s Day, and a break from school for him.  We took advantage of some of the gift cards that we had been given and instead of allowing them to be forgotten or reduced because of no use, we made a night of it.  And if I was really honest, I wouldn’t really count the comic books either as I had that allowance already accounted for in a separate category of my budget but pfft.. to each his own.

Count those Raindrops!



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