A Factory Working, College Grad Getting Out of Debt

March 2013 Bills Breakdown

Another month of bills, yay.  Last month I continued my path in keeping my budget low and was quite successful.  In fact, I only spent $54.06 on me during the month of February, with is another $43 below what I spent in the month of January.  The reason for this is the use of my gift cards this past month.  With the gift cards I was able to have a nice “Valentine’s Day” date and upgrade my computer.  Another big chunk was subtracted from my monthly budget because my monthly prescription is finally free.  That was an extra $15 back in my pocket!

It’s all well an good, because March is not going to be cheap.  I have a bridesmaid’s dress to buy, and hopefully with a little help of their current free shipping code as well as the code my bride has given me, I’ll be able to buy everything I need for under $150.  Seems legit.  Any who, onward to the bills!

Car loan: $3,223.27. Unfortunately this guy’s principle is going to have be shaved to a bare minimum of $10.  Money has been decent this past month with quite of few items being sold on Amazon and Ebay for me, but because I have a big purchase (i.e. bridesmaid dress), I’ll be keeping every bill low again this month in order to budget correctly.  Sucks.. but the payment is going to stay at $261.00.

Credit Cards: So I’ve said goodbye to two credit cards since I started this, and I also recently found another grey charge and cancelled it from one of my credit cards.  I’m hoping I’ll see reflected in the statement next month, but I’m sure it was a little two late when I cancelled for it to be shaved off the bill this month.  Either way, I’m happy I saw it.

  • Solidarity Visa: $2519.00  Minimum payment: $30.00. This month’s payment will be $30.00.
  • Chase: $1330.05  Minimum payment: $28.00.  This month’s payment will be $28.05.
  • Pay Pal Bill Me Later: $1843.98 Minimum payment: $55.00. This month’s payment will be $55.00. 
  • Amazon Store Card: $792.59  Minimum payment: $25.00. This month’s payment will be $37.59.
  • DressBarn Store Card: $406.45  Minimum payment: $25.00.This month’s payment will be $26.45.
  • Best Buy Mastercard: $144.30  Minimum payment: $15.00.This is still the card that I have been working on eliminating, so this month’s payment will be $60.30.

Total Credit Debt: $7,036.37   Total Payments: $237.39.

This is compared to last month’s credit debt of $7,178.15  and total payments of:  $241.99, which means my debt went down $141.78!  Yay!  PLUS, depending on how things go, I Should be able to pay off the rest of the Best Buy Mastercard next month! If not, it will be a measly payment and will still allow me to be able to start paying more on the Dressbarn card in May.  I’m totally stoked!  Now my total payments this month is a little low, but because of the extra expense and my anticipated payment for my smallest student loan, I being conservative for a bit longer.

Student Loans:

ECSI: $650.00  Still in grace period.  However, I am going to be putting a payment of $50 on it.  With the fees, that will equal $51.95.

Direct Loan:  $18,862.74  Still in grace period.  

I’m still unemployed.. So these are in the works of trying to be deferred at this time.  I’ll let you know if I succeed on that plan.

Other anticipated bills this month:

A bridesmaid dress = $175 approximately.  I’m scared to make such a huge purchase right now.

Complete Total Debt: $29,772. 38 Total Payments: $550.34

This is compared to last month’s $30,158.60 debt total and $601 in payments.  That means in total I have decreased my overall debt by $386.22!  I’m stoked!  Being unemployed has been very frustrating, but I’m excited to see that my focus on spending practically nothing has helped so much in reducing my debt!  The extra money not spent on bills this month will go to the dress.  And regular payments again next month!

Please let it rain!



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  1. It’s so, so tough getting out of debt – you’re doing a great job! Keep chipping away at it and before you know it, you’ll be on top of things.

    March 25, 2013 at 5:01 am

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