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National Mobility Awareness Month and Help a Local Hero!!

First of all, hope your Monday is going well everyone!  I know, it’s Monday, but my blog is going to be used for good today, so I’m excited.  So let’s get started.. Did you know it’s National Mobility Awareness Month?  No?  It’s an effort to make people more aware of others’ mobility (ha.. duh).  Actually, it’s a great way of making people aware while participating in a great cause.  This cause is to outfit three people in need of better mobility accessible vehicles with just that.  Here’s another question: did you know that each mobility accessible vehicle costs at least $40k before being fully outfitted? No?  Well that’s why I’m using my blog here to further the cause today.

I’d also would like to introduce you to my own “Local Hero” who is a great friend of mine.  She is currently trying to get enough votes for this contest to be in the top 10%.  Once the voting period ends, those in the top 10% are then evaluated and three lucky families will receive these vehicles.  I would very appreciate it if you could help me and my local hero out by voting daily on her page.  Every vote counts! Also, if you answer the bonus question to the left hand side each day before you vote, your vote will be doubled! That’s right, answer correctly and get two votes!


So without further ado.. please allow me to introduce you to Holly.

Hi, my name is Holly and I was born with the brittle bone condition Osteogenesis Imperfecta. I have had over 200 fractures and well over a dozen surgeries. I also have a heart condition among other health issues. They may have slowed me down at
Times, but haven’t stopped me from keeping busy!

Due to the cumulative effects of my fractures and other health issues I am in a wheelchair full time and use a power wheelchair to get around outside of the home most of the time. Our van is 15 years old and has so many problems that we cross our fingers every time we have to go outside the city limits. Even locally our van is consuming so much gas that it’s a financial burden, not to mention the innumerable repairs that need to be done to it right now that we can’t afford due to all of my extra medical bills.

I married my wonderful husband, Justin, in May 2001 In November 2002, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! Sebastian was born 5 ½ weeks early and with two congenital heart defects. At 8 weeks old he had to have angioplasty and a repeat heart catheterization
Done 6 months later. He requires regular follow-up care to keep an eye on his heart which may require open heart surgery at some point. Appointments require over 100 miles round trip to see the nearest pediatric cardiologist. He also has ADHD and battles severe upper respiratory due to his premature lungs.

Sebastian is an active 4th grade honor student and is involved in 4-H, Cub Scouts and children’s theater. Transportation for getting him to and from activities is very important to me and public transportation does not run during the hours of most of his activities. Getting rides from other people really is not an option either with my having a big/heavy power wheelchair. I don’t want my physical limitations to stop him from being able to have the benefits of growing up doing these activities.

I’d also like to do more with Disabled Rights Advocacy and Accessibility Rights, however, independent transportation is necessary in order to do much in this area.

Please help me to obtain a new ramped mini-van so that I may stay active with my son and family and help others in the community.

Thank you very much!

Again, please go her page and help her out!  It’s a daily voting system, so every day you log back in and vote, the more votes she receives and continues to help her and her family!  If you can also forward this story via twitter, pinterest, & facebook, I would also appreciate it!  The more people who vote for her, the better her chances!  We both thank you!

Count those Raindrops!



2 responses

  1. This is awesome Ashleigh! Thanks for the wonderful write up!!!

    March 25, 2013 at 12:35 am

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