A Factory Working, College Grad Getting Out of Debt

Goal Achievement Report – March 2013

Time to see what all I achieved this month! Honestly, I feel like I didn’t do much, but maybe I’ll be surprised.

Money Goals

  • Find a few ways for this Rainy Day blog to make some funds, however small it may be…
  • Sell unneeded items on ebay and amazon to make extra $.
  • To make enough money this month to pay my car payment ($301).
  • To spend less than $100 on me.
  • To find a job.

Unfortunately, I had no luck on the ebay front this month, so that hindered me earning enough money from sales to pay off my car payment.  I DID however make enough from sales in February to take care of the bridesmaid dress! That made me extremely happy. I also bombed the $100 and finding a job goals.  So, according to all of this, I really bombed the Money goals.

Rainy Day Goals

  • Convert my mother’s music to an external hard drive for easy access.
  • Organize my dvd/blu-ray collection.
  • Get rid of at LEAST 20 items this month, via selling, donation, or throw-away.
  • To continue organizing my room for optimal business format/personal use.

SUCCESS on the music to an external hard drive! In fact, I’m so happy with it right now, especially since we have so much more space on the 3TB drive that I’m also going to be converting my own, my brother’s, AND my guy’s to the hard drive as well!  20 items would have been easy had my sales on amazon and ebay gone better, but unfortunately this was also a bust.  The task for my mother’s music was daunting and I didn’t have the time to get my dvd/blu-ray collection organized.  Perhaps next month.

Personal Goals

  • Continue the MWF posts for Rainy Day & Gamer Talk.
  • Create a notebook/planner for each blog.
  • Create logos for both blogs.
  • Add artwork to various art sites and sell my artwork online.
  • Continue my art blog.
  • Refine my gamer podcast and restart it.
  • Lose 15 pounds.

Well, the Rainy Day was diligently given care.  And now that I have bought a notebook to hack for a planner, I’ll be able to jot ideas down when the mood strikes me.  My artwork didn’t go as planned, and I learned a key lesson on commissions, but don’t worry, I have a plan for getting my money and time back on that one.  The podcast was on hiatus as I was dedicating myself to the music project.  Oh, and I lost 12 pounds, but gained 4 back… that looks to be muscle weight however as my pants are slowly getting looser and my arms are getting more toned.  Hopefully this keeps working.

Overall, I still have a LOT of work to do, but I’m hoping that April brings me luck.  What about you? Did you have any monthly goals and achieve them?  Let me know, I do so love hearing from you and your experiences.  Every comment brightens my day!

Count those Raindrops!



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