A Factory Working, College Grad Getting Out of Debt

Move Your Ass Challenge UPDATE

Well, sadly I think I got my hopes up too high.  We’re already past mid-month mark, and I still have 82.3 miles to go.  Did I get it in my head that I could easy do this?  Perhaps, but I used to be able to do this kind of stuff no problem.  See, I was a softball player in my younger years and I remember doing nothing but running.. running… running.  I was never a fast runner, but sometimes I could definitely get my sprint on when I knew my bat connected with that gorgeous neon yellow ball just right.

I also have not been counting my normal walking miles.  Once the weather gets nice (been raining ALL week, I can’t even mow the lawn! ARGH!) I should be getting my groove on with walking, jogging, and running.  This month I was counting on getting those miles from biking though.  Sadly, I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it.  Unless of course I kick my butt in gear and start doing 7.5 miles or more every day for the rest of the month.

What do you think?  Should I still go for the 100 miles? Or should I get realistic and perhaps knock it down to 50?


Count those Raindrops!



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