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Double Dating on a Budget

As I’m writing this, I am getting excited about being able to go on a date night with my guy, and to make it a double date with two great friends of mine (who are getting married next month!) makes it all the sweeter.  I truly can’t wait, and as this post is being written a little earlier in the week instead of the day before or night of publish, I still have a few more days to go before we get to have our fun.

My guy and I have been planning this little shindig since probably even before Valentine’s Day.  Since we’re both geeks to the extreme, we’re going to a special showing of Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Best of Both Worlds.  This is a silver screen presentation of the two vital episodes where Jean Luc Picard was turned into Borg’s Locutus.  I honestly can’t wait!  I can’t, I can’t!  (To give a little more understanding, my computer is named Locutus because I’m such a Trekkie..).

The easiest way to make this a double date is to simply invite your friends to join you.  It really was as simple as that, as they are both ready for the semester to be over (another reason my guy and I are taking this small reprieve, since my guy is finishing up his degree this semester and during the summer.  He’ll be walking in May, so it’s a bit of a celebration of sorts).  Since my guy has been so busy with final papers and presentations, he needs a break, and I want to see him!  We haven’t had a date night in just under two and a half months, and it’s about time we change things a bit.  Sooo.. movie, a late dinner, and a hotel; make it a double date for the first two parts and we’ve made it even more fun!

I want Thursday to get here quickly! I can only hope that the amount of stuff that is going on this week will help do that!

What about you? What do you do for date night?  Do you consider double dates?


Count those Raindrops!



One response

  1. Meg

    we had a double date a couple months ago, another couple that lives near us. we got a sitter for our child and their two kids. went to see the hobbit, and went out for sushi. we like double dates, but as long as we get a sitter we are happy to get out either way! this past weekend we went on a parents-day-out to san fran as a date.

    April 24, 2013 at 12:27 am

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