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May’s Clutter-busting Challenge Days 4-6 = 26 ITEMS!

It’s time for another update on the clutter-busting challenge.  Although Money Saving Mom specifies that the challenge is for the week days, I’m actually going to use every single day of this month to try and get rid of a few things and make my life sooo much easier!  So far I have been tackling my makeshift bookshelves and have been going through old books, college notes, even old paperwork that no longer means anything.  I can’t believe how much stuff I have, and I don’t even live on my own!  Not to mention, this is only one section of my room so far.. and I’m already afraid of tackling that closet!

Anyway, here’s the stuff leaving the house today.  A lot of it is old notes that are going straight in a box deemed for the recycling center.  The rest is either trash or being donated.


Items being recycled:

  • 7 various pieces of mail
  • 3 college blue books that were exams
  • Stack of old notes and receipts

Items being thrown out:

  • 2 old cases for contacts
  • 2 sheets of mailing labels that have old address
  • Plastic baggy (I seem to be an avid collector of these things).
  • Old, broken credit card case

Items being given away:

  • 5 coloring sheets (these will be sent to my youngest brother as I believe that they’ll be enjoyed by him since he’s going to be six 🙂

Total = 26 items!

Another good set of days I believe! Let’s see if I can up that a little next time!


Count those Raindrops!



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