A Factory Working, College Grad Getting Out of Debt

May’s Clutter-busting Challenge Days 7-9 = 42 ITEMS!

Another day of organizing the bookshelves, another day getting rid of unneeded items.  This time around I focused on a shelf that contained a LOT of art stuff from my youth.  It even contained a few things from my sophomore year in college (5 years ago).  Ugh, was it really that long?  Anyway, here’s the mother load of paperwork:


Items being recycled:

  • Huge stack of college notes for a speech class (at least 25 items) right there!
  • Stack of old clip art (another 7 items) that had been stashed in a folder from when I was in middle school
  • 2 drawings from an ex from middle school (why was I still holding on to this?? Oh right.. it was in the same folder as the clipart)

Items being donated/given away:

  • Sketchbook (not the right paper for my taste, but again, will go to my little brother)
  • Perfectly good notebook
  • Make Your Own Comic Book set from Canson (I prefer the real stuff, but my little brother will love this!)
  • Stack of 4 Star Wars folders (will go to my other brother in NM as these were originally his, and I’m sure he’ll love the nostalgia).
  • Song book for my old Yamaha keyboard (again, to my brother in NM, as he bought my old keyboard from me).

Total = 42 items! Huzzah!


Count those Raindrops!



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