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Catch Up: May’s Clutter-busting Challenge Days 13-15 = 26 ITEMS!

Alright! I have to play catch up with these posts, so I apologize for the sudden flood of them.  However, I’m now in the process of cleaning the apartment suite in order to make sure as many guests as possible are comfortable.  See, in two weeks time my brother is graduating high school (I’m sure I’ve said this previously) and we have many family members going to be crashing at our place.  It’s my mom’s last child graduating so we’re going to have a bit of a bash, and as such I need to see if I can get more room prepared for the huge amount whose keys we’re confiscating and continuing that graduation party all night if need be.  Sooo.. here’s days 13-15 with 26 items!


Items up for sale:

  • 8 mini Batman figures that can be used as cake toppers
  • 1 pair of 3D movie glasses
  • 1 Batman motorcycle figure
  • 2 Pez figures
  • 1 Wolverine motorcycle toy
  • 1 Crispy M&M figure & 1 Avatar figure
  • 1 Batman water bottle & case
  • 2 old political mugs
  • 1 Batman notebook w/1 Batman ruler
  • 1 Joker figurine still in box
  • 1 Harry Potter book
  • 1 9/11 memorial statue
  • 1 frog shaped puzzle box
  • 1 Honda pin

Items to be trashed:

  • 1 container of dried up gesso

Total = 26 items!  Woo hoo!


If you see something you’re liking, please go check my ebay site as I am publishing quite a few lots online today trying to get some of these things out of my life!

Count those Raindrops!



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