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Catch Up: May’s Clutter-busting Challenge Days 16-18 = 28 ITEMS!



More catch up! Considering I’m about 10 days behind, I have a lot of catching up to do, but I’m still finding a lot of items that are doing fulfilling the task! Although Money Saving Mom on her blog suggests to do the challenge only on the weekdays, I’m attempting to do every day because I’m sure I need it. Haha, I accumulate stuff thinking that someday I’m going to use and then I forget that it’s even there.

So without further ado, here are days 16-18.


Items to be donated:

  • Keyboard owner’s manual that I’m shipping with the song book to my brother (remember I sold my keyboard to him and my sister-in-law.

Items to be trashed/recycled:

  • 10 random pieces of paper/mail from filing that I no longer need.

Items to be sold:

  • Xyron machine w/booklet for some inspiration
  • Xyron laminating catridge
  • 1 box of Scrapbook adhesive squares
  • 2 Scrapbooking quote sticker stacks
  • 2 sheets of alphabet stickers
  • 5 Linkin Park buttons from my concert going days
  • 2 sets of Tinkerbell stickers
  • 2 sets of Disney Princess stickers

Total = 28 items! Huzzah!


Count those Raindrops!



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