A Factory Working, College Grad Getting Out of Debt

May’s Clutter-busting Challenge Day 30 = 22 ITEMS!

Day 30 ended up being a lot more organizing than decluttering for me.  Since I was doing more outside chores than inside, I didn’t have much time to spring forth for a lot of items to get out of my life.  Some of these things are being recycled, put into my shipping supplies (and obviously taking less space), or in case for one item, being given to my little brother.  But there’s 22 items there for one day, and I don’t see an end in sight at this moment as I still have yet to tackle that closet of mine and various other things.  I think I will be making Saturdays my clutter busting days for the ongoing future until I’m finally happy with where I am.  The fact that so many things are getting organized and put into their proper places is a huge accomplishment.  This challenge that Money Saving Mom put together really lit a fire under my butt in the motivation department, that’s for sure!  Also, big thanks to True Whit for talking about this challenge on her own blog and I ending up coming across her great writing as well as a great motivating challenge. There’s only today left in the challenge, and I think that I’m going to blow your mind on how clutter-busting happy I got today!


Items being put into the shipping supplies shelf:

  • 4 pieces of bubble wrap
  • 1 dry cleaning bag (the plastic is perfect for adding just a little extra cushion to some small items that sell

Item being donated:

  • 1 Small drawing pad that I never ended up using, this will go to my little brother to help cultivate his inner artist

Items being trashed/recycled:

  • 9 sheets of paper
  • 5 very old and outdated advils
  • 1 ripped piece of plastic
  • 1 piece of dead cardboard

Total = 22 items!

Count those Raindrops!



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