A Factory Working, College Grad Getting Out of Debt

Clutter-busting Saturday #1

While you all read this, I’m out in the back having a couple of drinks and enjoying the party.  My little brother graduated last night and I’m pretty darn proud of him.  He’ll be going to Purdue University and is going to be in the All-American Marching Band.  That boy has talent, and as I said, I’m pretty proud.  Please excuse the short post, as I tried to make sure I had as much finished and pre-written as possible and published.  Lots of cleaning, organizing, and oh, furniture receiving to do this past week.

During the apartment suite clean up, I bought a couple of really awesome pencil/marker/pen organizers for me.  The picture below is what happens when I get in an organizing mood and decide that I’m going to feel that acrylic display so that my pencils and markers are organized by color and shade.  Sadly… this is only a small amount of what I actually own when it comes to the handy art utensils that I love so much.  But I think you get the idea.


Count those Raindrops!



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