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A Breakdown Comparison: A Year of Progress

Last October, I posted the breakdown of my debt.  It was perhaps the most frighteningly personal thing I ever did in my life so far.  I honestly am not sure how I still had the gumption to show you all what I was facing.  However, I knew I had to be honest to myself of where I was before I could make a game plan.

The following November I quit my job because of the work situation there and started unemployment life.  I was unemployed until this August where I (thankfully) started at Chrysler.  I’ve been on a strict budget due to my unemployed status, but I feel that the strings can be slightly loosened now that I’m more comfortable in my life with the fact that I’m now getting a life-sustaining paycheck every week.

So after a year, it’s time to see what progress I made.  Where I am now in my debt, in comparison where I was then.  I’m not anticipating it being a big difference, as I was after all unemployed.  So I’m not going to be expecting a huge difference.

To make the comparison a little easier, I’m going to show last October’s numbers in italics, and today’s numbers in bold.  So it will look like this: Back then / NOW.

Car loan: $4,564.49. / $1,239.02

Credit Cards:

  • Chase: $2,372.37  $1265.37  
  • Pay Pal Bill Me Later: $1,905.10  $2,011.16  
  • Best Buy Store Card: $1,173.54  0
  • Amazon Store Card: $835.25  $655.79  
  • DressBarn Store Card: $480.46  0
  • Capital One:  $516.97  / 0
  • Best Buy Mastercard: $377.15  0
  • Solidarity Visa: 0 / $2310.00  

Total Credit Debt:  $7,660.84  $6,463.28   

Student Loans:

ECSI: $650.00 0

Direct Loan:  $18,862.74 / $19,269.44     

Complete Total Debt: $31,738.07 / $27,334.56

Okay, so that means that over the past year, I have decreased my debt by $4,403.  That’s not too bad right?  Considering that I was unemployed from November to this August right?  I feel a little down now because of it.

I guess I’ll just have to get a little more aggressive and make up for the bad fortune of last year.

Please let it rain!



Reality Check – More Responsibilities

As some of you know, I live at home with my mother.  I never saw the point in moving out (except while I was away at college) as it would be too much money to do so.  Seriously, $500 a month for rent before utilities and internet?  No thanks.  I already have enough bills to take handle that was accumulated in order to survive through college whilst working full time and having a full 18 credit hour course load.  I also have a great relationship with my mother and she’s a pretty awesome roommate.

However, there’s always been a long standing rule in the house since we were younger.  We as kids did not have to pay rent as long as we were in school full time.  Well, college is over.  I have the two expensive pieces of paper to prove it.  Unemployment is over, and I have a job I enjoy and which is consider life-sustaining. So now that I have that decent paying job, it’s time to pay rent.

Ruh roh ‘Raggy.

Actually, it’s not too bad.  I made a deal with my mother that my rent would be paid through home improvements.  Things that have had to be put on hold because other more pressing things have come up (like that pesky back porch that crumbled away because the guy that we paid to put it in was a complete dumb ass).  This will probably mean that I’m paying more than one month’s rent at a time.  I’m okay with that.  Why?

My mom’s thrilled, and I’m happy to help even more around the house.

What do you think of the arrangement?  Fair?


Count those Raindrops!



October 2013 Bill Breakdown


That’s right, it is now a year since I posted my first bill breakdown.  We’ll do a comparison later, but let’s get the business part out of the way first shall we?

Car loan: $1,239.02 Now that I’m working at Chrysler, I am eliminating this loan quickly.  So this month is going to be a little different with the amount of $501.00.

Credit Cards: Look who’s left!

  • Solidarity Visa: $2310.00  Minimum payment: $30.00. This month’s payment will be $30.00. 
  • Chase: $1265.37  Minimum payment: $27.00.  This month’s payment will be $27.37. 
  • Pay Pal Bill Me Later: $2,011.16  Minimum payment: $54.00. This month’s payment will be $61.16. 
  • Amazon Store Card: $655.79  Minimum payment: $35.00. This is the card I’m currently eliminating. This month’s payment will be $85.79.  

Total Credit Debt: $6,242.32   Total Payments: $204.32. This is compared to last month’s credit debt of $6,463.28 and total payments of: $281.28, which means my debt went down $220.96.  Mer.. this isn’t a huge dent, but I will admit that I am targeting a couple of other things first (namely the student loans).

Student Loans:

Direct Loan Great Lakes:  $19,269.44  Currently deferred until January. However, I am making a payment this month. 268.64 

Even though this loan is deferred, I am still gaining interest on the loans.  This payment this month is basically all of the interest that has been gained since I first deferred this student loan when I was unemployed.  As I was still unemployed when I deferred last July, I have a little time to hit the ground running on this debt.

Other anticipated bills this month:

Renewal of License Plates: $82.55.

Complete Total Debt: $26,750.78.  Total Payments: $1056.51. This is compared to last month’s $27,334.56. debt total and $1058.56 in payments.  That means in total I have decreased my overall debt by $583.78!  And HOLY CRAP that’s a lot of money put down in payments this month! Aiyeee!

Please let it rain!


So much for 31 Days

Well.. I was going to be doing the 31 day challenge, but I couldn’t find one that I liked for October. Annnd I ended up pulling 20 hours of overtime this past week so I’ve been basically sleeping when I’m not at work (aha). I think I’ll do something for November though. Like 30 days of Thanks. I like it.

What about you? Care to join me?

Count those Raindrops!


101 Things in 1001 Days – Progress Report

Remember in January that instead of making new year resolutions, I decided to jump on the 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days bandwagon. If you’re not familiar with this phenomenon, check out Day Zero Project; the originators of the really neat idea.  I’ve been whittling away at it bit by bit and it’s time to let you see where I am in terms of progress.

Do note: I have changed a few of the goals in the career department since I have acquired the job at Chrysler.  Goals are meant to evolve right?

So without further ado (and rambling), I present to you all, the list:

Artistic License:

1. Write a graphic novel script.
2. Draw that graphic novel.
3. Be accepted to draw Artist Proofs and sketch cards for 1 company.
4. Create an all ages webcomic/graphic novel.
5. Be accepted as part of artist alley for 3 conventions and attend them (0/3).
6. Become more effective on Adobe Photoshop and Autodesk Sketchbook Pro (0/2).

Blogging it Out:

7. Blog on Rainy Day consistently.
8. Blog on Gamer Talk consistently.
9. Create a weekly podcast on Gamer Talk (0/143).
10. Create a blogging schedule for Rainy Day & Gamer Talk blogs and stick to them (0/2).
11. Create a podcast schedule for Gamer Talk and stick to it.
12. Change to a dot-com address.
13. Commit to making $1000 through Rainy Day and Gamer Talk each (0/$2000).
14. Create logos for Rainy Day and Gamer Talk (0/2).
15.  Acquire 25 followers.
16. Acquire 50 followers.
17. Find/Redesign Rainy Day Savin’ layout.

Career Motivated:

18. Acquire a life sustaining job.
19. Update my resume.
20. Develop an active lifestyle.
21. Acquire a post-secondary teaching position.
22. Build a portfolio of my art work.
23. Build a sustainable network of friends and colleagues.
24. Apply for jobs that will better myself and my future, not out of desperation.

Education, Schmeducation:

25. Obtain a Psychology additive to my teaching license.
26. Take the GRE.
27. Research grants and archeological etiquette.
28. Apply for grants.
29. Apply to colleges for the master’s program.
30. Start my master’s career.


31. Ride my exercise bike every other day.
32. Be able to do 25 (normal) pushups in a row.
33. Be able to do 50 (normal) pushups in a row.
34. Be able to do 50 crunches in a row.
35. Be able to do 100 crunches in a row.
36. Rock a bikini… anywhere.
37. Run a 5k.
38. Take a kickboxing class.
39. Take a Zumba class.

Personal Nerdy Appearance:

40. Get new glasses/contacts.
41. Wear contacts at least twice a week.
42. Invest in comfy/stylish footwear that can handle multiple situations.
43. Whiten teeth.
44. Invest in minimal items/accessories that can rock/change an outfit.
45. Rock 15 designer inspired outfits out of what I already have (0/15).
46. Buy a LBD that can work multiple scenarios.

Food YUM:

47. Try 30 new foods/drinks (5/30).
48. Eat at ten new restaurants (5/10).
49. Learn 15 new recipes (0/15).
50. Adopt 3 recipes into the food rotation (0/3).
51. Drink 20 oz. of water a day.
52. Learn how to make my own Arnold Palmer’s Half & Half Pink Lemonade/Tea.

For the Fun of IT:

53. Watch 30 movies I’ve never seen each year (53/90).  (Woah! I’ve succeeded on this one, for sure!)
54. Treat my mom for a day instead of the other way around.
55. Complete a 1,000 piece puzzle.
56. Complete a 5,000 piece puzzle.
57. Truly watch a sunrise.
58. Truly watch a sunset.
59. Go stargazing.
60. Be able to identify planets in the night sky.
61. Watch each meteor shower with a friend or loved one (0/7).
62. Go fruit picking.
63. Go to a vineyard wine tasting.
64. Visit three museums (0/3).
65. Attend a concert.
66. Go to Vegas.
67. Create five DIYs from Pinterest or some other site (4/5).
68. Go to 4 Philharmonic concerts (0/4).
69. See a play.
70. Complete a crossword puzzle book (without looking up the answers).
71. Dress up for Halloween.
72. Read & Watch the LotR series.
73. Have Star Wars and Harry Potter marathons without breaks (0/2).


74. Buy a new scanner.
75. Grow a vegetable garden.
76. Buy a world map to pin places I want to go/have gone.
77. Decorate for Halloween/Christmas (0/4).
78. Update my computer.


79. Organize my geek collection (donate/sell what I don’t want).
80. Organize my DVD/Blu-ray collection.
81. Organize and purge my closet (donate/sell unwanted items).
82. Organize my art supplies.
83. Clean out old computer files.
84. Back up my computer.
85. Organize my shipping supplies.  (Post to come!)
86. Organize inventory/sales on excel or some said spreadsheet.
87. Organize books (donate/sell the ones I don’t want).

Personal Growth:

88. Learn to sew/knit/crochet (0/3).
89. Read 100 books I’ve never read before (8/100).
90. Volunteer for a worthy cause.
91. Donate hair to Locks of Love (again) and try to give blood again.
92. Get out of credit card debt & pay off half my student loans (0/2).
93. Save a $5,000 emergency fund.

Travel the World:

94. Go to Boston, Baltimore, Houston, and New Albuquerque (0/4).
95. Take a road trip to a place I’ve never been.
96. Ride on a train.
97. Visit a famous landmark I’ve never seen.
98. Use my passport once before it expires.

Related to List:

99. Print and post this list somewhere so I’ll remember to do it!
100. Save $5 for each completed task ($85/$505).
101. Make another list and post on the 1001st day.

That’s 17 down or 16% of the list crossed out and another 84 to go!  Some of them are reaching, sure, but that’s the whole point about goals right?  They are after all, aspirations toward which to work and look forward..

Count those Raindrops!


31 Day Blogging Challenge

Still no luck finding a blog challenge that doesn’t involve posting pictures of your nails …

Could anyone point me in the right direction of blogging challenges?


Count those Raindrops!



Looking for an October Blogging Challenge

I couldn’t believe when I logged on today that I would find that I now have 50 official WordPress followers and additional 6 email only followers! Somewhere in the last month while I was at work, you joined me, and I have to say, welcome!  I feel like I have egg on my face right now because I have been a bad blogger since I started at Chrysler.  It’s time to change that.

I’m searching for a challenge for the month of October.  I need something to reconnect with the blogging world, so if you are on the blogging scene and see something in the next couple of days that you’re interested in seeing me do, send me a link!  I’m up for anything!

So be on the look out my readers!

And remember, Count those Raindrops!


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