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May’s Clutter-busting Challenge Day 29 = 55 ITEMS!

know I’ve been basically blasting through this clutter-busting challenge nonstop this past week and haven’t really had any time to post about anything else, and I apologize for that.  We are almost done.  I promise.  I wanted to make sure I followed through on this challenge as the Move Your Ass Challenge had been abandoned early in the month as countdown to my best friends’ wedding and my brother’s graduation/party commenced.  Good grief have I been finding things in nooks and crannies lately, I’m telling you.  The last couple of days have been me going through my art supplies as you saw with the big Sculpey cleanse (by the way, if you’re interested in that, I’d go looking, I already have four watchers on that listing and it’s definitely priced to sell).  This time, I decided to purge some of my comic book pages that I had salvaged from dead comics that my oldest brother had when he was a teen.  I had dissected them, put them in comic book sleeves, and plastered them on my closet doors in my dorm to give it just a bit more nerdiness and color.  Sadly, I found out most of the women in my hall were most definitely NOT into what I was and instead spent my freshman year in college spending time with my best friend (also my roomie in that dinky room), along with my two besties from high school.

I went through them and found the ones that I could still find some artistic inspiration from, kept those for later filing into a binder, and here are the rest waiting to be trashed.  Oh, and a fortune cookie wrapper.  That’s 55 items right there folks.  They gave me good memories, and I wish I had a picture of the closet in all its glory, but sadly I believe it was lost.  It was truly epic and thrilled me every day when I woke up on the bottom bunk.


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