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Move Your Ass Challenge UPDATE

Well, sadly I think I got my hopes up too high.  We’re already past mid-month mark, and I still have 82.3 miles to go.  Did I get it in my head that I could easy do this?  Perhaps, but I used to be able to do this kind of stuff no problem.  See, I was a softball player in my younger years and I remember doing nothing but running.. running… running.  I was never a fast runner, but sometimes I could definitely get my sprint on when I knew my bat connected with that gorgeous neon yellow ball just right.

I also have not been counting my normal walking miles.  Once the weather gets nice (been raining ALL week, I can’t even mow the lawn! ARGH!) I should be getting my groove on with walking, jogging, and running.  This month I was counting on getting those miles from biking though.  Sadly, I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it.  Unless of course I kick my butt in gear and start doing 7.5 miles or more every day for the rest of the month.

What do you think?  Should I still go for the 100 miles? Or should I get realistic and perhaps knock it down to 50?


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The Move Your Ass Challenge

Happy Fool’s Day everyone!  I hope your Easter Sunday went well.  Unfortunately, it’s back to the grind, and in my case, it’s time to get serious with my work out!  With that in mind, I have been searching the web for some interesting means of working out and getting fit.  Right now my guy and I are still watching what we eat, and whenever he’s over to see me, we try to get at least 15 minutes on the exercise bike.  I try to do sit ups every other day, or if I get the chance (like I did last Monday), I find means like shoveling snow for over an hour and a half as my exercise.  Sadly, I also reaped in consequences in that one, as my back was in pain for the next two days (it was a very wet, heavy snow).

So here I am, telling you about something that I stumbled upon the forums of MyFitnessPal.  It’s called the Move Your Ass Challenge.  This challenge is where you set an amount goal, and in this instance, it’s via miles or kilometers.  You can walk, run, bike, row, whatever this challenge, but you have only the month to do it.

I told my guy about it and he certainly seems interested in it as well.  We have a couple of pedometers, but I think I might just make mine on the bike my mother has in the game room.  Depending on if it gets more like spring time, I’ll probably add walking, but I would rather do that inside than just walking around the house.  My goal by the way?  It’s 100 miles.

Think I can do it?  I want to be able to achieve this one, and it will certainly get me to spread out my exercise on the bike every day! The cardio should do me and my guy good I think.

So will you join with me?  What goal are you going to set for yourself?

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Losing Weight & Doing a Good Deed Too!

I am proud to say that as of today I have lost 12 pounds!  I am slowly trimming myself down by watching my what I eat, doing whatever free exercise I can (even if it’s just doing the dishes), and using my little helper called MyFitnessPal.  Now I already talked about this awesome little app.  It’s pretty much the same thing that weight watchers does, except you actually worry about the calories as well as things like sodium and carb intake.  It’s a grand little thing and I honestly couldn’t do it with out it.

HOWEVER, that’ s not exactly the app that I’m wishing to talk about today.  I’m really wanting to talk to you about EveryMove.  This app is even better!  Why?  Well, I’ll admit you can’t really count calories.. and it doesn’t really record how much you’ve burned with your exercise… but it does donate to charity.  EveryMove is an app that works with other weight losing apps and uses your activity to give you points.  These points you can either redeem for gift certificates for various items or you can donate to charity.  I guess the area I’m in doesn’t really have too many sponsors just yet jumping to help EveryMove become a big sensation in the area, but that didn’t bother me.  I don’t need more junk lying around collecting dust unless I truly want it for my collection.  Since what they were offering was meh to me.. I decided to not just lose out on this chance but to use my hard work towards my goal for good!

My goal is to gain 1500 points.  That will allow me to cash it in and EveryMove will donate $5 to Make a Wish, a very, VERY good charity.

All I can say is thanks for allowing me to feel even better about myself while bettering myself! Ha!

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Budget Weight Loss Update #1

I would like to say that I have officially lost 10 pounds since I started losing weight in mid-September!  Sadly, we’ve reached a plateau and I’m now stuck at the current four pound range… That was without massive exercise and lots of stress.  So now, for the month of November, I have been on an exercise regimen to try and break this roadblock.  I’m trying to make sure that every night I get my rounds of sit-ups and push-ups.  Not every night does this happen, but it’s a muscle builder that I need to keep up since I lost most of my muscle mass in 2009.  Sadly it’s taken 3 years to get it back… but that’s another story.

Anyway, three times a week I work on getting 30 minutes to an hour’s worth of cardio on the exercise bike that my mother owns.  Two times a week (my days off mainly), I turn on my Wii Fit and do some Yoga, games, etc.. in order to have some extra things to log in MyFitnessPal account.  I’m hoping by the end of November I’ll have lost another 10 pounds, or at the very least, leaned down and fit better in my jeans.

As I do some of my workouts, I use a really simple tool in order to make a set of weights.  I filled two water bottles completely and use them as my 2-3 pound weights.  I’ll upgrade these slowly to gallon jugs in the next coming months.  Real simple, but it’s a cheap alternative to going out and buying some weights for $10-15 where that money can really help these next couple of months with December crazy bill time and Christmas shopping.

How do you lose weight on a budget?  Do you have some cheap alternatives for exercise equipment?  Let me know!

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