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101 Things in 1001 Days – Progress Report

Remember in January that instead of making new year resolutions, I decided to jump on the 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days bandwagon. If you’re not familiar with this phenomenon, check out Day Zero Project; the originators of the really neat idea.  I’ve been whittling away at it bit by bit and it’s time to let you see where I am in terms of progress.

Do note: I have changed a few of the goals in the career department since I have acquired the job at Chrysler.  Goals are meant to evolve right?

So without further ado (and rambling), I present to you all, the list:

Artistic License:

1. Write a graphic novel script.
2. Draw that graphic novel.
3. Be accepted to draw Artist Proofs and sketch cards for 1 company.
4. Create an all ages webcomic/graphic novel.
5. Be accepted as part of artist alley for 3 conventions and attend them (0/3).
6. Become more effective on Adobe Photoshop and Autodesk Sketchbook Pro (0/2).

Blogging it Out:

7. Blog on Rainy Day consistently.
8. Blog on Gamer Talk consistently.
9. Create a weekly podcast on Gamer Talk (0/143).
10. Create a blogging schedule for Rainy Day & Gamer Talk blogs and stick to them (0/2).
11. Create a podcast schedule for Gamer Talk and stick to it.
12. Change to a dot-com address.
13. Commit to making $1000 through Rainy Day and Gamer Talk each (0/$2000).
14. Create logos for Rainy Day and Gamer Talk (0/2).
15.  Acquire 25 followers.
16. Acquire 50 followers.
17. Find/Redesign Rainy Day Savin’ layout.

Career Motivated:

18. Acquire a life sustaining job.
19. Update my resume.
20. Develop an active lifestyle.
21. Acquire a post-secondary teaching position.
22. Build a portfolio of my art work.
23. Build a sustainable network of friends and colleagues.
24. Apply for jobs that will better myself and my future, not out of desperation.

Education, Schmeducation:

25. Obtain a Psychology additive to my teaching license.
26. Take the GRE.
27. Research grants and archeological etiquette.
28. Apply for grants.
29. Apply to colleges for the master’s program.
30. Start my master’s career.


31. Ride my exercise bike every other day.
32. Be able to do 25 (normal) pushups in a row.
33. Be able to do 50 (normal) pushups in a row.
34. Be able to do 50 crunches in a row.
35. Be able to do 100 crunches in a row.
36. Rock a bikini… anywhere.
37. Run a 5k.
38. Take a kickboxing class.
39. Take a Zumba class.

Personal Nerdy Appearance:

40. Get new glasses/contacts.
41. Wear contacts at least twice a week.
42. Invest in comfy/stylish footwear that can handle multiple situations.
43. Whiten teeth.
44. Invest in minimal items/accessories that can rock/change an outfit.
45. Rock 15 designer inspired outfits out of what I already have (0/15).
46. Buy a LBD that can work multiple scenarios.

Food YUM:

47. Try 30 new foods/drinks (5/30).
48. Eat at ten new restaurants (5/10).
49. Learn 15 new recipes (0/15).
50. Adopt 3 recipes into the food rotation (0/3).
51. Drink 20 oz. of water a day.
52. Learn how to make my own Arnold Palmer’s Half & Half Pink Lemonade/Tea.

For the Fun of IT:

53. Watch 30 movies I’ve never seen each year (53/90).  (Woah! I’ve succeeded on this one, for sure!)
54. Treat my mom for a day instead of the other way around.
55. Complete a 1,000 piece puzzle.
56. Complete a 5,000 piece puzzle.
57. Truly watch a sunrise.
58. Truly watch a sunset.
59. Go stargazing.
60. Be able to identify planets in the night sky.
61. Watch each meteor shower with a friend or loved one (0/7).
62. Go fruit picking.
63. Go to a vineyard wine tasting.
64. Visit three museums (0/3).
65. Attend a concert.
66. Go to Vegas.
67. Create five DIYs from Pinterest or some other site (4/5).
68. Go to 4 Philharmonic concerts (0/4).
69. See a play.
70. Complete a crossword puzzle book (without looking up the answers).
71. Dress up for Halloween.
72. Read & Watch the LotR series.
73. Have Star Wars and Harry Potter marathons without breaks (0/2).


74. Buy a new scanner.
75. Grow a vegetable garden.
76. Buy a world map to pin places I want to go/have gone.
77. Decorate for Halloween/Christmas (0/4).
78. Update my computer.


79. Organize my geek collection (donate/sell what I don’t want).
80. Organize my DVD/Blu-ray collection.
81. Organize and purge my closet (donate/sell unwanted items).
82. Organize my art supplies.
83. Clean out old computer files.
84. Back up my computer.
85. Organize my shipping supplies.  (Post to come!)
86. Organize inventory/sales on excel or some said spreadsheet.
87. Organize books (donate/sell the ones I don’t want).

Personal Growth:

88. Learn to sew/knit/crochet (0/3).
89. Read 100 books I’ve never read before (8/100).
90. Volunteer for a worthy cause.
91. Donate hair to Locks of Love (again) and try to give blood again.
92. Get out of credit card debt & pay off half my student loans (0/2).
93. Save a $5,000 emergency fund.

Travel the World:

94. Go to Boston, Baltimore, Houston, and New Albuquerque (0/4).
95. Take a road trip to a place I’ve never been.
96. Ride on a train.
97. Visit a famous landmark I’ve never seen.
98. Use my passport once before it expires.

Related to List:

99. Print and post this list somewhere so I’ll remember to do it!
100. Save $5 for each completed task ($85/$505).
101. Make another list and post on the 1001st day.

That’s 17 down or 16% of the list crossed out and another 84 to go!  Some of them are reaching, sure, but that’s the whole point about goals right?  They are after all, aspirations toward which to work and look forward..

Count those Raindrops!



Progress Report – Goals for April 2013

In an effort to keep myself accountable, here I go in seeing what goals I have accomplished, what I still need to do, and which ones should be moved to next month.

Money Goals

  • Find a few ways for this Rainy Day blog to make some funds, however small it may be…
  • Find a new way of making money.
  • Finish last commission on list and take new ones (5).
  • Sell unneeded items on ebay and amazon to make extra $.
  • To make enough money this month to pay my car payment ($301) AND half of my June car insurance money.
  • To spend less than $100 on me.
  • To find a job.

Alright, although I haven’t found a new way to make money, I was offered a chance to work for my comic books by watching the store and manning the sales while my friends are up at C2E2 this weekend.  I’ll be able to catch up on my subscriptions, and this will give me the future opportunity (perhaps) to do this more when my friend needs me to fill in for him and an easy way for me to save a little extra money while I’m still unemployed.  Unfortunately, there is just not a lot of things that are selling ebay and amazon right now.  February was a whole different story, but now that people are no longer getting tax checks and instead are making tax payments.. I’m not having that much business.  I’m hoping it will pick up in May and June.  Still no job, but so far, I’ve spent very little money on myself this month, and I’m hoping to keep it that way..

Rainy Day Goals

  • Convert my brother’s, my guy’s, and my own music to the existing external hard drive for easy access.
  • Organize my dvd/blu-ray collection.
  • Get rid of at LEAST 20 items this month, via selling, donation, or throw-away.
  • To continue organizing my room for optimal business format/personal use.
  • Hack my journal into an accessible planner/organizer.
  • Go through my books and see what items I will sell/donate.
  • Start to get the house ready for a graduation party (my brother’s).

The only one that has been done on this list is the last one.  I’ve been so dedicated to cleaning, organizing, and painting to get ready for the graduation party that I haven’t done much else.  A lot of household chores are getting done instead, and a lot of my own “goals” are falling to the wayside.  Perhaps I should do something about this?  Spend 30 minutes every other day on one of these goals?  What do you think?

Personal Goals

  • Continue the MWF posts for Rainy Day & Gamer Talk.
  • Add a Paypal button for tips or purchases on this blog and Gamer Talk for donations.
  • Create logos/banners for both blogs.
  • Add artwork to various art sites and sell my artwork online.
  • Continue my art blog.
  • Refine my gamer podcast and restart it.
  • Participate in Move Your Ass Challenge
  • Blow my 100 mile goal for MYAC out of the water.
  • Lose 20 pounds.

I’m participating in MYAC, and man, that 100 mile goal was unrealistic for the first month.  I will honestly be happy if I get to 30 miles at this point. I think next month I’ll move it to 45 and we’ll progress from there.  The pounds aren’t necessarily shedding either, but the inches seem to be.  My clothing feels just a little bit looser, and I can comfortably be in my bridesmaid dress.  I have to kick things into gear though on the rest of this stuff.

Well, it seems I’ve been really lazy when it comes to my own goals, but when it comes to the house, landscaping, and prep for graduation party, I’ve been rocking it.  Now if only I could start getting these pounds to shed…

Wish me luck!

Count those Raindrops!


Goal Progress Report – Mid December 2012

Time to see what all I have accomplished thus far…

Money Goals

  • Find a few ways for this Rainy Day blog to make some funds, however small it may be…
  • Sell unneeded items on ebay and amazon to make extra $.
  • To make enough money this month to pay either my car payment ($301), my auto insurance ($336), or both.
  • To make enough money to pay all my bills without hurting my savings account too much.
  • To find a job.

Well, I’m still technically working on all of these still.  However, I have had some luck with ebay and amazon the last couple of weeks and it has been helping me pay for a part of my bills.  I’m not sure if we’ve reached the car payment mark yet, but it’s still a decent chunk!

Rainy Day Goals

  • To finish the cabinet revival.
  • Finish the Christmas tree.
  • Help my mother organize/clean the home.
  • Find alternative means for gifts for those on my gift list.
  • Get rid of unneeded items that can either not be sold or donated.
  • To continue organizing my room for optimal business format/personal use.

Cabinets and Christmas tree are finished!  So we’ve been cleaning and organizing the house when we can.  So far I’ve been focusing on the items that I can sell right now, but the next things on my list are donations and trash.  My room is still obviously the ongoing goal again…

Personal Goals

  • Continue the MWF posts for Rainy Day.
  • Add artwork to various art sites and sell my artwork online.
  • Continue my art blog.
  • Refine my gamer blog/podcast and restart it.

I would like to say that every single one of these has been done except my art blog!  I still have to update that, but everything else has been done.  YAY!

All of these goals still need lots of work, but I still have some time to get things done!

Count those raindrops!


Goal Progress Report – Mid November 2012

We’ve reached more than mid-way through the month so that means it’s time for a Goal Progress Report!  This month has been interesting to say the least so far, but my goals so far have been very well within reach.

  • Every bill has been paid, and a massive chunk of one credit card bill was eliminated.
  • My filing cabinets have finally come back upstairs and are put together and placed in my room.
  • Speaking of my room, it is MUCH closer to being finished in its full cleaning.
  • My Expense Sheet has been fully updated so that I can see what I have been spending this month
  • I have been able to save money for next month’s whirlwind of expenses.

Some of the things that I still want/need to accomplish:

  • Put up my Christmas decorations
  • Finish arranging my room
  • Finish the cabinet revival Part Deux
  • Create a better organized Expense Sheet to include my Savings Account, more details, etc…
  • Find a job.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been playing with the WordPress Themes and I believe I have found a better template for Rainy Day.  I’m still on the lookout for something better, but at this point, I will probably have to wait to get Rainy Day hosted officially so that I can design the template that I want.  I really enjoy WordPress and don’ t want to move my blog to another blog hosting site unless it’s an actual web server host.

Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday!  If this is the last time I see you til next Monday, be safe and have a wonderful time!

Count those Raindrops!