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Lose the F.A.T. in Your Office!

I found this article incredibly motivating. I am most certainly someone who is guilty of this, as right now my desk area looks like a bomb went off with no warning. I’m hoping that my week long organization project helps in this so that not only are my future guests next weekend happy, but I’m happy too.

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Written by Anne Gideon, Professional Organizer

Tired of those piles of paper, missed appointments and lost documents?

Well, you need to ‘Just Get Organized’ once and for all.

When it comes to paper, the saying “Out of sight, out of mind” is the fear of some people.  The opposite is just as true “Insight, in mind”.  Clear the clutter and eliminate the distractions.  Working with a cluttered desk can lead to procrastination, important calls being missed, bills going unpaid, vital records misplaced and mostly, distract you from the things that matter most to you.  Some studies suggest that as much as 1½ hours per day can be wasted because of a messy desk – YIKES !!…………What would you rather do with that extra time?

Have items you use everyday within arms reach of your desk chair.  Less frequently used items or papers can be filed and stored away in file…

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Rainy Day Goal #5 – Cleaning the Apartment Suite/Office

I am an artist. I hoard art supplies. I am also a geek/nerd however you say it.  I love comic books, the characters, the merchandise thereof.  I also find myself selling things on ebay and Amazon for myself (to earn some extra cash) and others (to still earn some cash for me and them).  It’s not a bad life, but I do admit that my creative chaos expands more than it ever has detracted.

I’m hoping that over this next week I can manage it better.  I want to get rid of stuff that’s broken or that I’ll never ever use (oh hi white fabric and white tulle that was never used in that project I said I would use them)! So basically, I’m de-cluttering EVERYTHING.  Maybe if I do this right I’ll actually have a workable space and more room than I thought possible.

We shall see.. we shall see.  So in the mean time, enjoy some before photos of the office/studio part of my apartment suite.  I’ll be updating the progress as we go.




Count those Raindrops!


Rainy Day Goal #1 – Office Furniture Revival

Wow guys!  You really rocked it on Monday by giving me 57 views!  My goal was to get 40 in a single day this week to take out the previous record of 34 held for the first post of this blog.  Even without me reminding anyone via Twitter or Facebook, you guys did it without me!  THANK YOU!  Looks like I have to set my goal a little higher eh?  How about 75 unique views in a single day next time?

P.S. I’m loving the comments!  Thanks so much for the support and the ideas!  I might just have to try a couple of them 🙂

As a special treat, I pulled a post I had waiting in the wings a little bit early for you all.  Hope you enjoy!

Everyone probably understands that there are those days that one has so much energy, that so many unfinished projects that were previously lying around suddenly get done.  No?  You either?  Ha… I thought I was the only one that enjoyed being lazy on her days off work in the week.  However I do have a confession, if I have more than one day off in a row, that second or third day is used for catching up with the chores at home.  I honestly do get a bit of a rush of energy to do something, anything. I really like it when I have more than one day off in a week (who doesn’t?) and as such, I try to get some things done around the house to make it easier for either the family or myself after a very long and stressful day.

I will call these days Rainy Days.  After all, it’s the rainy days that one gets to have all this valuable free time to get the little things finished.  My first rainy day was during last week and I got the itch to reorganize and rearrange the second half of my upstairs “apartment” which is considered my office.  But I didn’t just want to reorganize.  I wanted to re-purpose.  I wanted to breathe life into some of my old furniture and make it useful again.

So now you’re probably wondering of what I must be ranting.  Well… I have a couple of filing cabinets that I have acquired over the past year in an attempt to be organized.  The sad thing is, they don’t match.  The metal components, handles, even the color of the filing cabinets themselves don’t match.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that I got one of them for only $5 at a garage sale and the other for $20 at Goodwill.  I love that! However, I did not love that they had no way of making my office/gaming room (yes, I play video games… and I’m girl.  I know, I rock ) any way shape or form fun or inspiring to do work/game within its walls.  Sooo….I gave the filing cabinets a makeover.

Yes, I bought cans of spray paint.  Black and Atomic Fluorescent Green to be exact and got to work.  With a little help from my man, we lugged the filing cabinets to the garage, got some dead boxes and flattened them, and started painting.  After many coats (about three) later, they were ready to come back upstairs and allow me the pleasure of making me excited about this endeavor that I was attempting.  I did not expect that it would take more than a day to get the project done.  Man did my hand and the cabinets tell me otherwise.  It took three days over the course of week (because of course, I had to go back to work so had little free time again..) to get the project finished.  But I am happy to say that despite the paint runs that occurred, I am extremely happy with the project.

The approximate old look of the filing cabinets:

And the finished project:

The filing cabinets were previously purchased months ago for a total of $25.  I paid for spray paint.  So considering that I can’t buy these silly filing cabinets for less than $50 a piece and they’re not the color scheme I chose… Well, I saved a lot of money in my opinion.  Yes, I could have lived with the beige.  Yes, I could have lived with the white.  But I’m very happy with them now.  Love them actually.  They can now finally be considered mine.  Soo… the next goal?  Actually rearranging, reorganizing my office space and get the place ready for some significant usage.  🙂

Count those raindrops!