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Reality Check – Medical Leave

I told you guys before that my mother had knee surgery in November.  She’s been on medical leave ever since.

In December she went to the doctor and was told that she would not be able to go back as soon as she had hoped. She was honestly thinking that she would be back in her store a couple of days after Christmas, but here we are.  I’m glad she had some more time to heal and build back the strength in her knee.  Honestly, I’m afraid that she’ll blow the knee she just got fixed again as we wait for the next knee surgery to be scheduled.  She’s going to be on her feet 10-12 hours a day, and a lot of twisting and bending happens.  I think the doctor was a little worried too, so he extended her leave to January 10th, where she’ll be going back to see if she can be released and get back to work.

You see, the worry is still going to be there for another eleven months.  Why?  Because as stated by the company policy and the Federal Medical Leave Act, she is a necessary employee because she is a manager.  To insure that her job is secure and that she will not be replaced or moved to another store, my mother will have to wait until next November to get her other knee fixed.  This sucks, a lot.  The only reason she had her left knee operated upon in the first place was because she was favoring the right too much and ended up blowing out the left in an even shorter time than it took for her to injure the right.

But my mother is going to insist on getting back to work when she goes to the doctor tomorrow, even if he thinks she still needs some time and additional physical therapy.  I’m hoping he’ll release her but give her restrictions.

We’ve been able to get a lot of things done and have enjoyed our alone time together since she’s been home and I’ve been unemployed, but I’m really hoping that she gets cleared to go back to work tomorrow.  I think she is too.  That’s not to say that we’re getting on each others’ nerves now, but as soon it became January, she has only been receiving 60% of her weekly paycheck as per company policy.  I think the stress of that plus the drama that has been creeping into the store since her absence is taking its toll and my mother wants to get back to work, straighten things back, and once again get that extra 40% she’s been missing since the beginning of the year.  And that 40% most certainly adds up when the medical bills are piling up as well as the other bills are needed to be paid.

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Surgery & Rainy Day Goal Updates

Again, thanks for being cool this week and understanding there’s been a few things on my mind.  The surgery went well on Wednesday.  We arrived at 5:30 am; went through some prep and last minute paperwork.  She was hooked up to an IV and being readied for her anesthesia when the surgeon came in and asked her a few more questions.

The left knee is the one that was operated upon because it had been causing her more pain.  Originally it had been the right, but because she blew it out in April, there wasn’t much they could do.  It’s been put off for almost a year and finally one was “fixed” on Wednesday.

The surgery went so well that it was only about an hour after they had taken her to the OR that she was back out.  Couple of tears were repaired and few other minute details were taken care of and voila!  Her knee should be good as new in about six weeks.  It just has to heal at this point.

Now that the numbing agent that they administered while in surgery is gone however, she is feeling a lot more pain.  My mother has a high tolerance of pain (which I thankfully inherited), but the fact that she is having trouble walking at the moment is a bit upsetting.  Understandable, yes… but most certainly upsetting.  I can only hope that it truly worth it and it heals properly so she can get the other done next year.

Best thing about this though is that because of her surgeries being pushed back, she will have both Thanksgiving and Christmas off by default because of the necessary six-eight week medical leave her surgeon insists her having.

Since I rattled on about that, here’s a few other things.  The cabinets are looking and feeling good with their first sanding finished.  I’ll be able to move to the finer sandpaper tomorrow and finish the sanding.

The organization of my room is still slowly being worked out and thankfully my man has been a great helper in that!  Thank you dear!

With the warmer weather expected this weekend, we anticipate the Christmas decorations/tree to be started and (hopefully) finished.

Pictures and full updates on the processes to come!

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Rainy Day Goal #2 – Surgery Prep

I’m going to apologize for the quick posts that will appear this week.  I have a lot of things to do outside of my blog because of a few things you will soon learn.  Thanks for showing up and reading them even so!  I love seeing the reader stats knowing that there are others out there that may be learning or feeling the same hardships that I am currently.  A comment goes a long way too!  They have all been putting a smile on my face, and I hope to become more personal on acknowledging you all this week (hopefully).

My mother is having knee surgery on Wednesday and will be out for six weeks from work because of it.  As a result, she and the rest of us have been working diligently to try and get things in order before she has it in order to make everyone’s lives easier during this holiday season.  Furniture is being moved, rooms are being cleaned, etc…

So the goal is to get as much of this done as possible before Wednesday and make it easier for my mother to get around/appreciate her surroundings without worrying about household chores (that she shouldn’t obviously be doing because of the strain it will put on her knee) in the meantime.


Again, I know it’s short, but I have a few extra projects I have in mind that I will let you know about during this surgery prep.  The goal is to have a couple of cabinets that have been in the garage for years to be sanded and painted this week as well as the Christmas tree up and decorated.  I’ll have more lengthy goal posts for those (plus pictures), so be prepared!

Count those Raindrops!