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Raindrop – I am Now on Etsy!

My mother and I are joining forces in reopening my etsy shop.  Jewelry making and upcycling are going to be our focus, as we’re looking for a way to make a little extra cash.  She wants to pay off some of the medical bills, and I just want to pay the bills.

So, here are a few things that I have ready to ship right now! Please take a look and consider purchasing if you find something you like.  We take bulk orders as well as custom orders.  Just feel free to ask and we will see if we can cater to your needs.  🙂


Snoopy EarringsFleur de Lis SetHarley Davidson Earrings1Mario Earrings1Multiburst Earrings1




In case you missed the link before, here it is again.

Count those Raindrops!



A Raindrop – Amazon Marketplace HURRAY FOR THE CHRISTMAS SEASON!

All I can say is that I am loving the Christmas season right now!  My Amazon Marketplace (which you can access here) is exploding with orders!  Just in the last three weeks, I have sold 110+ items!  That’s awesome!

Now my shop is more of a service honestly.  I sell all sorts of media including dvds, blu-rays, video games, pc games, console games, college textbooks, regular books, games, stickers, toys, whatever I can honestly for people and myself.  When I sell for others, I take a 20% commission fee as I have bulked out my shipping supplies and can save SO much money for others.  Right now, we’re rocking on the video games, dvds, and blu-rays.  So many season box sets are in my inventory and I can’t seem to keep them in stock right now!

Certainly fine by me!  If you’re needing an item, go ahead and check out my shop (DecMeadow’s Shelves) and see if anything interests you or can be a great gift for one of your family members!  Right now this is the biggest source of income I have due to my unemployment status and the more the merrier!

Make sure that you also take a peek at my ebay site as well.  I am trying to downsize on my collections and earn some extra cash to help pay for my bills.  And let’s not forget my art site!

If you want to insure that the item is received by Christmas, the last day to send out is December 19th!  So don’t delay!

Count those Raindrops!


P.S. Thanks for all your help and interest guys!  I really appreciate it 🙂

Happy (Belated) Birthday to Me!

Well, yesterday in 1987, I was born.  Huge accomplishment and kudos to my Mommy.  She’s pretty great for deciding on keeping me 😉

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy today.  I’m quarter of a century old now and it’s odd thinking I might only have up to 75 years and some odd change in my bio bank.  My guy and I had an early birthday celebration down in Indy last weekend as his and my own birthdays have always been doomed during college to be the week of exams.  So we took a quick break from life and he a quick break from studying for his finals and took a quick weekend trip.  It was wonderful.

I’ve gotten a few raindrops from the family and I truly enjoyed my gifts.  The gift cards will be included in the money section of my budget of course, but they’ll be spent on fun things.

Count those raindrops!


A Raindrop – MyPoints

Oh… MyPoints, how I love thee.  Let me count the ways!

Simple emails received daily in my inbox.  They consist of Daily Deals, Surveys, and simple Click-thru Advertisements for which I earn points!  I can also earn points by going through the MyPoints shopping click thru and earn points per dollar!  This place is wonderful.  I have been introduced to so many new companies and great places because of this site.

And the even best part?  I have earned hundreds of dollars over the past few years just by doing these few simple things.  No purchasing needed, honest!  Just do your daily emails everyday and you’ll be good for a great redemption once or twice a year!  I personally redeem my points for either gas cards or PayPal money so I can easily pay down my Paypal Bill Me Later balance.  GREAT STUFF!

If you’re interested in joining MyPoints, comment here and get in on the fun (and help me by giving me a few referrals of course).  Mypoints has an odd referral system where I actually have to put in your email in order to refer you.  Please let me know if you’re interested!  It’s a great way to help though, because this is how it works:

So let me know if you want a referral link please!

Count those raindrops!


Determining a Monthly Budget

I am sure that every one has heard this before:

“You’ve got to make a budget.”

Of course you can save money and work on your savings and emergency fund without one, but in order to be more precise and consistent on this blog, I’m going to make one.   My reasoning is pretty simple:  I need to know what I spend and make in a month in order to determine what I can do to save an emergency fund, and slim down my bills.  It also will help me give a visual of where some unnecessary spending is occurring and thus I can kind of work on controlling those unneeded expenditures.

How am I going to do this?  Simple again.  I am going to keep every receipt this month, keep a record of all of my expenditures on how much and from where, and also keep a record of my paychecks I get in the month of October for a comparison.  At the end of the month, I will post the overall results of my quest.  With this, I can then make the budget for November and perhaps know where I have to shave some fat in order to prepare for my crazy bill month of December.

A little later this month, I will be running a breakdown of how much I pay on my bills and such.  I’m figuring I will do this every month the day I sit down and work on my bills so that you can see a little bit of progress.  However, once I have my budget, I will from here on be posting a monthly budget goal, a mid-month progress report, bill pay breakdown, and finally an achievement report at the end of each month.  The more I post about this budget, the better I think I will be at sticking to it.  Plus, by doing a mid-month report, I will have half of my work already finished instead of having to sit for hours on end trying to figure out if I stayed in budget or not.

Wish me luck!

Count those raindrops!


Rain Drops & Jobs

Okay, so $32k in debt.  Good grief.  Most people would say they were doomed.  How exactly am I going to pay this off?  Well, this is where resourcefulness comes into play.  It’s where odd jobs, incentives, ad space on this blog, selling items, and other things come to help pay regular day life costs so that the checks that come in every week from work go straight to the bills.

I call them raindrops.

For after all, one raindrop may not make much of a difference, but a few hundred to a few thousand can be all that is needed to cause a flood.

Where do I get these raindrops you might ask?  Anywhere I can get them.  Right now I’ll reveal two of them to you.

Currently I am selling textbooks, records, cds, dvds, video games, you name it on Amazon.com.  I’m not just selling my stuff however, I’m selling other people’s stuff too.  I take a small 20% out as my fee and they get the rest of the money after Amazon takes its cut, and shipping and handling.  It’s become a good business on the side, and I hope to expand soon.

I work full time.  Just a couple of months ago, I took a promotion as essentially an assistant manager position, and with it came a $1/hour raise.  Not only that, but I get mileage for the all the out of town training that I’ve been doing in the last month.  Not too shabby in my opinion 😉  It certainly has helped relieve some of the stress.

That’s only a few of my raindrops, but now you might have a way of doing something yourself to gain a little extra cash for the holidays.