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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

I report to my new job on Monday!

Excuse me, while I go celebrate with my family by helping move my little brother to college! Ha!  That boy has brought me luck twice now!

Story soon to come, but, I just had to tell you-

I am no longer unemployed!


Yup… Unemployment is a Debilitating Disease

And I wouldn’t wish it on my own worst enemy.  I truly hate this waiting game that I’m playing right now.  All I do is fill out applications and send out my resume.  I get no recognition in return.  But if I DO, I go a little further and try and investigate the companies and the stuff I see does not seem legit at all.  Pyramid scams and blah blah blah…

Just a little rant tonight, but I needed to get some frustration out.

Count those Raindrops!


Reality Check – Stagnation

I’m finding life a little hard to handle at the moment.  I’m not quite sure if it’s solely due to my prolonged unemployment status, but I’m pretty sure that has a hand in it.  I find that as I’m going through the motions, things just don’t feel the same.  I find myself doing chores around the house, being more aware of my mess and trying to keep things clean, but I blame that on muscle memory after these months of doing nothing but house chores.  Unfortunately, I don’t see myself doing much else.

My art has stagnated, and as such my commission list is suffering as I seem to have hit an artist block and just can’t quite make my layouts right.  This is making me angry, but only just, because it’s more of a “I need to get this done and sent to the buyer” than “you know this crap” kind of thing.

My reading has slowed.  In fact, its at a dead stop.  Perhaps I should consider renewing my library card and finding a few books that will interest me.  I would so love to jump back into my all-time favorite children’s mystery series of Encyclopedia Brown again now that I’m older and see if I can get the clues and know what happen before the reveal.  Yes, I reread books, and yes, I like young adult fiction.  Truly though, if you haven’t read that series, I implore you to do so.  Donald J. Sobol was a genius and I one day hope to get my kids to read his timeless stories.  It’s fitting, that I have this craving to read his series as it’s the one year anniversary of his death.

But I’m digressing… I feel like I haven’t done much, and I feel like I’m not going anywhere.  In truth, this isn’t just a physical matter, as I really haven’t done much and really haven’t gone anywhere in the past eight months.  For a girl who was living a lifestyle of 18 credit hours a semester, 40 hour work week… that’s crazy.  It’s like going 100 miles per hour and immediately slamming on the brakes, only to crawl to a slow and steady pace of 5 miles per hour.  I’m going nuts.

I know this has affected my writing in the last few weeks as well as the stagnation seems to cling to me as bad as this 90% humidity we’re currently having.  I sleep in because I know I have nothing to do that day, so why bother?  I take a nap after lunch because it makes time pass faster.


I truly cannot wait to start a job.  I really can’t.  I have always been that type of person that if I don’t have something to do constantly, I end up becoming a total bum.  I lose creativity, ingenuity, willpower.  I lose motivation faster than a leaky bucket, Eliza.  Seriously, let’s get this train a rolling, because I can’t take much more without screaming.

And perhaps that’s what I’m doing here… screaming.  Screaming to the world the frustration of the unemployed.  The frustration of a college grad who cannot find a job.  The frustration of being in debt and knowing that my emergency fund in dwindling.  Just sheer frustration and I’m afraid it’s going to become desperation and I’m just going to take any ol’ job and throw my self-worth out the window.


Count those Raindrops.


June Craziness

It’s been a little crazy here at the Rainy Day house what with the graduation party and all.  My brother left the next day to go to New Mexico where our other brother is stationed as a graduation gift.  As I’m writing this in the wee hours of the morning, I’m currently waiting for him to arrive back home while the rest are asleep.  Sadly, I’ve gotten used to having the second shift schedule and I have a feeling that wherever I end up as an employee, the first couple of weeks are going to kick my butt.

Alright, but onto the fun stuff.  June has already been a great time as I got to see most of my family, have been able to spend some time with my guy, and we got to have a getaway trip this past weekend by going to see one of his best friends in the southern part of the state.  We ended up changing the hood on a trans am, recharging another car’s a/c coolant, eating at a restaurant situated on the Ohio River, AND visiting the quite lovely Nashville in the even more lovely Brown County. Plus, so much more!

Busy, busy, busy!

I ended up thanking my lucky stars that I’m unemployed today as I could just not keep my eyes open after such a productive weekend.  The on and off napping while the heat and humidity did nasty numbers outside was wonderful.  I did make up for the laziness though and mowed the lawn just before sunset hoping that the temperature would be a bit lower, but alas, I was still drenched by the end of it.

I honestly haven’t had such a busy May and June since… I’m guessing the summer I graduated from high school.  Oh sure, I’ve had some awesome trips since then, and that summer I was a landscaper sure was exhausting with the work involved, but I really do think that this late spring/early summer has taken the cake!

Have you also seen the craziness?

Count those Raindrops!


Reality Check – Unemployment Misconceptions

Since I’ve been unemployed, it’s been interesting seeing how people view this particular aspect of life.  There have been many sides that I can see and identify, and I’d like to share some of those with you.

Pity is perhaps one of the major emotions that seems to come across a person’s face when you tell them that you’re unemployed.  I truly can’t stand it.  I’m not someone who enjoys being the subject of such an emotion and find it very condescending.  Honestly, pity really isn’t going to help me or anyone else who is unemployed.. unless you have a decent job hiding in your hand, I’d rather not face it.  I have no problem for some empathizing, saying “Man, I’ve been there… chin up, it’s going to work itself out sooner or later, just keep looking and holding out for the best job for you.”  No, I certainly don’t have a problem with empathy, but pity?  Ha.  I can completely understand why those who are unemployed keep that card close to the chest.

The next emotion is contempt.  Pure and ugly in its full form, contempt is probably the one I have most experienced since I became unemployed and did NOT jump straight to a fast food restaurant for a job.  No, it’ s probably also because I actually had a legitimate reason to quit and won unemployment as well.  Yes, that most certainly has to be it.  The possibility of someone like me being on unemployment is atrocious to some people, and they are happy to say so.  My younger brother seems to have caught a bit of this as he seems to think that all I do is sleep, play video games, and watch television.  Now I admit I do this, but I did it when I was working too.  Instead, I spend a great deal of time on the internet searching for a job, I sell things on Amazon and Ebay and am constantly packing and shipping items at least twice a week because things are graciously picking up at a time when I truly needed it, and I clean.  Yes, I am trying to make things better in the house and make it easier on those who live with me.  If my mother has an almost empty pot of coffee, I make it.  If tea needs to be brewed, I do it.  If the bathroom needs cleaned, or if I get a phone call from my mother asking me to run and errand for her.. I’ll gladly do so.

Now sometimes I’m not the best at cleaning.  I’ve admittedly laxed this last week and a half because I’ve been fighting off something (or somethings) that have been brought home from the working folk in my home.  I seem to be sleeping a lot more and find myself burning up, breaking a fever, or freezing the next.  It hasn’t been fun these last few days, and I can’t wait to strengthen the immune system again by going to work.

Sadly, that’s the reaction I always have when someone confronts me with contempt about being unemployed.  I feel I always have to justify myself, and I hate it.

The last emotion that I face is apathy. I find it overwhelmingly comforting and frustrating at the same time.  Comforting in the fact that I am not facing either contempt or pity, but frustrating that the person is so apathetic about the situation that they do not care about the overall picture.  I am not the only one unemployed.  The unemployment rate is facing epic proportions.  Since there are so many out there that have run out of unemployment, they are no longer being counted in the statistics.  I am fairly certain that the unemployment is much higher than people would want us to believe, and that frustrates me.  How can we fix it?  Why can’t we fix it?  If we are truly one of the best countries in the world, why can we not take care of our own?  Why can we not take care of our orphans, our hungry, poor, our homeless?  Why can we not focus on the home front before we focus somewhere else?  The living standards may be different, but that does not mean that our own are any less destitute.  It does not mean that they are going hungry or facing the horrid conditions of being homeless.

How can we fix it?  And why are so many of you out there apathetic?  Why are so many out there not even blinking an eye?

Just.. why?


Count those Raindrops!


2012 Breakdown Quarterly/Annual Report

Hello again everyone.  I know you might be thinking that you’ve already a seen a Breakdown for this month, but I would like to see what exactly I have been able to accomplish in my overall debt from when I started to today.  In the future, I will have quarterly breakdowns as well as annual breakdown reviews of both my debt and my raindrop progress, but since I only truly started keeping track in October, this is the only quarterly/annual report that I will have for 2012.

I have an excel sheet that I have developed to see what all I have been able to compare month to month on everything, and I will be showing you how to create your own for your home.  You could easily adapt it for a business as well.  However, that’s for next time… so let’s get down to business shall we?


From the months of October to December, I made a few changes in my bill payment methods.  Thanks to the advice of some of you, I have started doing an adapted version of Ramsey’s “snowball” effect.  I also transferred a big chunk of my credit card debt to a 0% APR credit card that was issued through my credit union.  This has allowed me to progressively work towards getting rid of my high APR cards and avoid the interest monster for a year.

Unfortunately in the middle of November, I left my job because I had no choice. Thankfully, after waiting six weeks to make sure there was going to be no contest from my former employer, I was relieved to announce that I did indeed win unemployment and cannot help but say that it has truly been a relief on my savings.

Of course, my “fun” expenses have taken a plummet because of that unemployment status.  In fact, from that particular segment of my expenses, it changed from nearly $300 to a mere $75. And that expense is only that high because I’m currently relying on gift cards that I was given over the course of the holidays and my birthday to liven it up sporadically over the next few months.

My gasoline and food budget have also exponentially decreased.  While I was working, I found that I was spending 1/4 – 1/3 of my monthly income on just fuel.  I was then spending a near 1/4 of my monthly income on food that I was eating before, during, or after work.  It’s kind of an eye opener how much of my income was based on necessities and now how I’m easily living on just selling excess on ebay and amazon as well my unemployment.  Crazy.

I have, however, reduced my debt by $819.91! Even with my crazy, expense-filled December, this difference is so inspirational I can’t even tell you how happy I am that I still made a difference despite the problems I faced this quarter.  Thank goodness right???


Count those Raindrops!


January 2013 Bills Breakdown

Happy New Year!  Hopefully this one holds a lot of promise, as it’s now time to see what bills I need to pay this month.  It will obviously not be as horrendous as last month’s near $1000 output with very little input… but we’re getting there.  These totals are as of December 31st. The budget this month is simple: spend as little money as possible.  This is because I’m unemployed (like I haven’t said it enough???), and that obviously changes things a LOT.  Also, all of your comments and encouragement have been really helpful!  I’ll be taking some of your suggestions to heart these next coming months.  So… Let’s work this shall we?

Car loan: $3,749.68. This one does not need to be broken down.  The loan is through a credit union, and has slowly been paid off by adding an extra $50 onto the principle every month.   As discussed before, I will be doing this every month until it’s gone (or until I need to fund that extra $50 to say… my student loans). This month’s payment will be $301.00.

Credit Cards: Last month I revealed that I pay more than the minimum payment.  Some of you suggested actually using Ramsey’s snowball effect however and picking a card to eliminate right off the bat, working with the smallest balances first.  Well, that’s a great idea, but I still like to have a little more than the minimum.  So this month, we’re going to try something new.  This month, because I’m unemployed, I will only be paying minimum balance (except Amazon & Solidarity) and the oddball change and then putting a major chunk on one of the card balances to take a massive bite out of it.

  • Solidarity Visa: $2579.00  Minimum payment: $30.00. This month’s payment will be $30.00.
  • Chase: $1340.75  Minimum payment: $28.00.  This month’s payment will be $28.75.
  • Pay Pal Bill Me Later: $1884.67 Minimum payment: $53.00. This month’s payment will be $53.00.
  • Best Buy Store Card: $22.85  Minimum payment: $22.85. This month’s payment will be $22.85 = $0 Balance!!  Bye, bye BB Store Card!
  • Amazon Store Card: $811.91  Minimum payment: $25.00. This month’s payment will be $41.91.
  • DressBarn Store Card: $413.03  Minimum payment: $25.00.This month’s payment will be $25.03.
  • Capital One:  $63.20  Minimum payment: $25.  This month’s payment will be $63.20 = $0 Balance!!  Bye, bye Capital One Card!
  • Best Buy Mastercard: $208.08  Minimum payment: $15.00.This is still the card that I have been working on eliminating, so this month’s payment will be $35.26.

Total Credit Debt: $7,323.49   Total Payments: $300.00.

This is compared to last month’s credit debt of $7,373.96  and total payments of:  $240.38, which means my debt went down $50.47!  Hrm..  Last month, my Capital One card was in the negative balance, however, before I cancelled this card I needed to make sure that I used that negative balance.  I certainly did not want the credit card company to end up keeping this money just because I forgot to put in my payment into account when I transferred the balance to the Solidarity card… With that in mind, I bought Christmas gifts on this card and arranged to have it fully paid off this month.

Now that the big bills are paid off for another six months, I can once again up my payment budget.  I increased it this month to insure that not one, but two credit card balances are completely zero.  Huzzah!

Student Loans:

ECSI: $650.00  Still in grace period.  

Direct Loan:  $18,862.74  Still in grace period.  

I’m still unemployed.. So these are in the works of trying to be deferred at this time.  I’ll let you know if I succeed on that plan.

Other anticipated bills this month:

Thankfully, there are no other anticipated bills this month.  The hopeful job search will continue and I have a meeting coming up with the unemployment office.  So we shall see for what exactly I’m qualified.

Complete Total Debt: $30,585.91   Total Payments: $601.00.

This is compared to last month’s $30,918.16 debt total and the just pennies short of $1,000 in payments.  I’m still attempting to keep the budget in the most positive means possible.  After all, if it takes a few more months to find a job, I want to be sure I make enough money possible that I’m really not hurting my savings account as much.  However, I am pleased to see that I am $332.25 less in total debt than I was last month!  Huzzah!

Please let it rain!