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Losing Weight & Doing a Good Deed Too!

I am proud to say that as of today I have lost 12 pounds!  I am slowly trimming myself down by watching my what I eat, doing whatever free exercise I can (even if it’s just doing the dishes), and using my little helper called MyFitnessPal.  Now I already talked about this awesome little app.  It’s pretty much the same thing that weight watchers does, except you actually worry about the calories as well as things like sodium and carb intake.  It’s a grand little thing and I honestly couldn’t do it with out it.

HOWEVER, that’ s not exactly the app that I’m wishing to talk about today.  I’m really wanting to talk to you about EveryMove.  This app is even better!  Why?  Well, I’ll admit you can’t really count calories.. and it doesn’t really record how much you’ve burned with your exercise… but it does donate to charity.  EveryMove is an app that works with other weight losing apps and uses your activity to give you points.  These points you can either redeem for gift certificates for various items or you can donate to charity.  I guess the area I’m in doesn’t really have too many sponsors just yet jumping to help EveryMove become a big sensation in the area, but that didn’t bother me.  I don’t need more junk lying around collecting dust unless I truly want it for my collection.  Since what they were offering was meh to me.. I decided to not just lose out on this chance but to use my hard work towards my goal for good!

My goal is to gain 1500 points.  That will allow me to cash it in and EveryMove will donate $5 to Make a Wish, a very, VERY good charity.

All I can say is thanks for allowing me to feel even better about myself while bettering myself! Ha!

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Budget Weight Loss Update #1

I would like to say that I have officially lost 10 pounds since I started losing weight in mid-September!  Sadly, we’ve reached a plateau and I’m now stuck at the current four pound range… That was without massive exercise and lots of stress.  So now, for the month of November, I have been on an exercise regimen to try and break this roadblock.  I’m trying to make sure that every night I get my rounds of sit-ups and push-ups.  Not every night does this happen, but it’s a muscle builder that I need to keep up since I lost most of my muscle mass in 2009.  Sadly it’s taken 3 years to get it back… but that’s another story.

Anyway, three times a week I work on getting 30 minutes to an hour’s worth of cardio on the exercise bike that my mother owns.  Two times a week (my days off mainly), I turn on my Wii Fit and do some Yoga, games, etc.. in order to have some extra things to log in MyFitnessPal account.  I’m hoping by the end of November I’ll have lost another 10 pounds, or at the very least, leaned down and fit better in my jeans.

As I do some of my workouts, I use a really simple tool in order to make a set of weights.  I filled two water bottles completely and use them as my 2-3 pound weights.  I’ll upgrade these slowly to gallon jugs in the next coming months.  Real simple, but it’s a cheap alternative to going out and buying some weights for $10-15 where that money can really help these next couple of months with December crazy bill time and Christmas shopping.

How do you lose weight on a budget?  Do you have some cheap alternatives for exercise equipment?  Let me know!

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Losing Weight on a Budget

Even though I am currently working on getting a budget together by collecting my expenditures and such this month, that does not mean that my ideas and implementation of such should be suspended.  And since I have restarted my healthy weight loss regimen with the first day of this month, it has already become an issue.

A lot of people use weight loss programs such as Weight Watchers or Nurtrisystem that can cost hundreds of dollars a year.  More people spend money on healthy and organic foods but lose a lot of that money in waste every week.  It’s a budget maker’s nightmare truth be told.

I love the idea of Weight Watchers.  Go figure right?  The program that helps you stay motivated by having encouragement from others who are in the same situation would be the program I have the most interest.  Why do you think I created a budget; money saving blog???  The only bad thing is it costs a lot of money.  And any money at this point guys is a lot of money in my world.  It’s overwhelming having all of this debt that I don’t want in any way to keep piling on top.  So I found the perfect solution: My Fitness Pal.

It’s the free version of Weight Watchers and you have peers online keeping you motivated and on task.  Lots of encouragement, lots of fun, and lots of inspiration all over that website and its forums. I have used this program over the course of this year and fell off it because I had no one with me working on it.  However, when I was on it last, I lost 8 pounds, and the lifestyle of watching my overall daily intake has helped me stay at that weight for the past month without really trying. Doesn’t mean I haven’t cheated, but I have done so much better at maintaining now.

I really want to try it again.  I feel it’s just the best time to start making some very positive changes in my life, and why not do this while coinciding with a promotion, a fresh college graduation, and a lifestyle choice on saving money. Now that my boyfriend and I are both heavily committed to it, we have each other to encourage each other every day (or nag, whichever you prefer).

Here’s my next problem:  a lot of people get a gym membership when they want to lose weight.  As any money is more money than I am willing to spend, going to the gym is out of the question.  I will simply rely on working out on my terms.  True, that will probably mean a lot more sit-ups and push-ups, but I can handle that.  My mother also has a stationary bike, and my boyfriend and I like to take long walks when the weather is decent.  I might even get back to borrowing the family Wii and working out on Wii Fit when the weather starts to turn and I can’t go outside as much as I would like to be active.  Using the potential tools that I already have is the best way of keeping in budget and not accruing any unnecessary expenditures.

The last hurdle that I have to clear is how am I going to save money on the healthy foods like fresh produce and organic items that are usually more expensive than the heavily saturated products out there?  Truly, that is the ultimate reason why so many at the lower pay brackets are fighting obesity… the fatty, bad for you foods are just cheaper.  The other dilemma to this hurdle is that if I go grocery shopping only once a week, I run the risk of losing so much money in potential food waste.  I don’t want to do that.  It seems the only solution would to buy only what I want and need for two-three days worth of food.  Sure that might mean that I have to go grocery shopping a couple of times a week, but honestly, that’s not really going to hurt my gas budget because I can easily run to the grocery store when I am on my way home from work most days.  Not only will this save me money, but I will control the potential food waste and my calorie intake at the same time.

To sum it all up, my goals are simple for losing weight:

  • Use MyFitnessPal.com to count calories and track daily exercise
  • Use my mother’s exercise bike, the family Wii, and just plain hard exercise like push-ups and sit-ups to save money from a gym.
  • Save money by preventing potential food waste by only buying the amount of food that I will be eating every couple of days.

Are you trying to lose weight and save money at the same time?  Any tips?  What is your experience on this issue?

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